Judging People’s Finances

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Real fam, have you ever judged someone, or been judged, based on your finances?

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I remember one time Loni said don’t go broke trying to act rich and that’s damn good advice

Author — Heather Lynsey


Having cheap stuff doesn't mean you're humble.
Having expensive stuff doesn't mean you're proud.

Author — Rebekka Dalger


adrienne : "we lowkey judged you"
tamera: "I DIDNT"

Author — Derek


I think only people who aren't satifies with their own situation, judge other people. When you are happy you don't have time to look around.

Author — Lady Hamilton xoxo


I’m still hurt by their last video where Adrienne implied that she didn’t consider these ladies as her real close friends, I feel like I’ve been deceived 😤

Author — Mel Love


I’m just gonna be judging you if you’re Jeff Bezos or some other CEO making an obscene amount while your employees don’t have paid sick leave

Author — April


“What you think you think might not be what you think you think” - Loni lmao very true. Basically the inside might not be as pretty as the outside

Author — Jeremiah Walton


I never forget being made fun of for always wearing the same clothes, ex: jacket or sweater. My family had always struggled financially so I couldn't afford anything. I've since worked my ass off to get my degrees, and now I live comfortably, not rich. But I can now afford to buy whatever clothing I want. It still pisses me off that people will make fun of people who are doing the best they can with what they got. And judging by their conversation, it seems like there will always be haters whether you're rich or poor. The lesson is mind your own damn business and don't bring others down. That's whack.

Author — S J


Why judge cause the people who have nice old cars that are “cheap” are the ones who have money instead of leasing a luxury car so I’ll stay with a little car than a bill I can barely pay to show

Author — brian olivares


if i had their money, which i will have one day, i'd want a nice balance in between Tamera's and Adrienne's homes

Author — Jada Rogers


People need to stop saying Adrienne’s house is extra and what not . If you were rich wouldn’t you want to have a lavish glamorous home ?? She worked hard for it so why not 😅

Author — Eva x


People are always going to have something to say. Whether you're poor or rich so live your life and be happy

Author — Eboni Johnson


Adrienne’s House is GORGEOUS and I hope tamera’s comment 👀 didn’t make her feel like some type of way. To me it also looks warm etc

Author — Yaayaa


I love adriennes home, it’s very glamorous.

Author — Denisha Rae Baylor


I read this as “Judging people’s FIANCES”

Now Jeannie is engaged 🥴

Author — Najhma Mc Kenzie


Whatever you're doing with your money, people are still going to judge anyway smdh... I only judge people who live beyond their means ! Get your priorities straight ffs

Author — Kaykay


Lol Adrienne is always shaming jeanie phone....android user...lol😂😂😂.

Author — Thandiwe Phiri


Im a millennial and I’m on a t-mobile family plan. Y’all needa stop shaming and generalizing millennials. K, thnx

Author — Janet Escobedo


People shame in general
Enjoy life and forget about people

Author — Mercy Nasser


I love that Adrienne owned up to her house, it was the first thing I thought of when Tamera mentioned hers 😂 A’s home is a whole ass hotel

Author — Anas