Amazon rainforest on fire: ‘Lungs of the world’ in flames l Nightline

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Amazon rainforest on fire: ‘Lungs of the world’ in flames l Nightline4.5

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I can't believe a fking sandwich is getting more attention then this.

Author — Simon Monoa


Sending troops and armies across the seas to kill is profitable but saving Amazon rainforest isn't.

Author — zaid ali


FACTs: the Amazon native had a long battle against the government and WON, 3 weeks later it’s on fire. 🔥
— The AMAZON has *never* been on fire.

Author — Reaction Therapy


Forests burning
Oxygen decreasing
Population increasing
Water resource depleting
Hunger index rising
Climate changing
Pollution increasing
Rain decreasing

What will you do? Huh?
Hotel trivago??

Author — Tarannum Khan


I'd rather see the cities burning, than forest.

Author — Daniel JohnFord


Bro im scared im scared for earth and because im young and other people are and i wanna grow

Author — Xxtoxiczx 21


see ya in heaven guys, let's pray together. Our sweet god, please save the forest, our god, please save us. Amen ✋.

Author — die rn


Hi, I’m sorry this may seem unrelated but we all know Earth is in a bad shape right now so I’ve got a few tips to share with you if you’d be interested in living more sustainably! If not, just scroll past and have a cool day :)

-Something super easy: Download Ecosia. It’s a browser you can install as a Chrome extension. Except for the fact that they use 80 % or the ad revenue to plant trees worldwide. You plant a tree by making around 45 searches. So you do good by changing basically nothing.
-Littering. Do you smoke or know someone who smokes? Make sure they throw the cigarette butts in a trashcan. It’s made from plastic and takes at least 20 years to biodegrade. Same with bubble gums. Don’t throw them on the ground.
-Public transport. If you’re able, use it as much as you can. Or go by bike. You’ll feel better realising how much CO2 you save by not using car too.
-Plastic. We all know single use plastic is a big problem. It’s so easy to carry your own bag wherever you go! There are cloth sacks you can use for fruit/vegetables, also bread etc. I’ve been using a cotton one for years now. So you can say bye to single use plastic bags. Also zero waste shops are becoming more common! Google if you have some nearby and go shop into your own containers :)
-Buy secondhand things if possible. Not just clothes. Also sell or donate stuff, don’t throw away things you don’t have to.
-Don’t buy books but borrow them in a library or buy a Kindle and read e-books. They’re also easier to carry around!
-Women, research zero waste menstrual hygiene products. Think of the amount you’d save every month with a single silicone cup for example!
-Bottled water is full of microplastics. If possible, drink tap water and carry it around in a reusable bottle. (Or reuse simply a normal plastic bottle! I’ve had the same ‘single-use’ plastic one for 2 years now. They don’t go bad if you clean them.) You’ll also save money!
-Eat less meat and animal products in general. This is a point people stop usually listening to me. They don’t believe it makes a difference. Just google how much water you need to produce a single kilogram of meat. The Amazon was also burning mostly because people burned it themselves so they could plant soya etc there instead of trees! 90 % of that soya is exported to feed animals. So basically yes, eating meat supports deforestation. If you eat less meat, there’ll be less demand for it and there won’t be so many animals needed = more place for trees and fiels to feed humans. Noone’s asking you to be vegan. Just eat less meat. Participate in a #meatlessmonday perhaps? Or for example sometimes get tofu in an asian restaurant instead of chicken. Or go to a vegan restaurant from time to time. It’s up to you to create a habit suitable for you. I read that America should cut its meat consumption by half and Europe by one third.
-Order less stuff online.
-Order takeaways into your own containers.
-Did you know most of the plastic in the ocean are fishnets? Now I’m not really sure how to deal with this. I stopped eating fish but I guess you can research who catches fish without nets? Like those fish farms or something like that? If you have a better idea, let me know.
-Be interested in this issue. There are tons of tips on how to live more sustainable here on Youtube but also on Instagram and other social media.
I started doing so around a year ago by simply buying a bamboo toothbrush that reminded me every morning to live more sustainable that day.
It’s so easy and there’s no better time to start doing it than now.

A few more small tips:
Bathroom - shampoo bars are great and plastic free, as mentioned, bamboo toothbrush is a thing, wet wipes are plastic! Don’t throw them into the toilet.
Kitchen - before you buy stainless steel straws, ask yourself, do you really need them for yourself? How about you rather ask your local restaurants if they have thought about using these straws instead of plastic ones? It’s so easy, I just sent mine a message on their social media accounts. Also silicone parchment paper is great. Reusable for years. And in case you make ice in plastic bags, you can use reusable ice molds instead.
Garden/balcony - you can grow your own veggies so easily you’d be surprised! And pesticide free too :)

And my last point, be an example to your friends and family! Maybe they’ll be inspired to live more sustainably as well :) I know all of this can be a bit overwhelming but just pick some of the stuff mentioned and do small steps! Good luck :)

Author — Denisa Rossmüllerová


They are letting it burn because apparently Brazilian government has a developmental obligation to 25 million people. Smh. Exacerbated by greed, corruption, and exploitation.

Author — steve castellon



Author — jrbland18


Dear Future Generations: Sorry
(Prince Ea YouTube video)

Author — ATS


I am sad and wanna cry! Poor animals!:( just think of all those undiscovered creatures yet to be found!!😔

Author — SUnnYY13


And that what's happening before the Area 51 Raid

Author — Phantom Memes



Author — itz Gachachu


It's also happening in Africa but no one's talking about it . The Amazon jungle and the African rainforest are both in danger .

Author — BQ Bantu Queen


How to make Earths clean Lungs into a 70 year old daily smoker's lungs in a matter of days

Author — Timothy West


The Earth has gone through 5 mass extinctions in its history, and life has recovered every time. The same
Will apply to this 6th one.
The eventual end of life on Earth is inevitable, however. Long before the Sun swells into a red giant in about 5 to 6 billion years,
The Earth will become too hot for life as the luminosity of the Sun increases as it ages. Within 500 million to a billion years
The Earth will be like Venus is today, with a scorching surface temperature of nearly 1, 000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Indeed, it is just possible that Venus hosted life early in the history of the Solar System before any life was wiped out by runaway
Global heating due to the increasing luminosity of the Sun. Venus and the Earth are very similar in size and mass.

Author — Oliver Grumitt


I am very upset about the fire but thankfully after fires happen the plants always grow back healthy because something in the fire replenishes the soil which I hope is gonna happen now, but there is hope

Author — Itzbrii


People are asking God for help but we created this disaster

Author — Lance Jeren


What about the tigers?
The parrots?
The bugs and reptiles?
Pink dolphins?
What about the animals?!?
The trees?!?
I would rather watch New York City go ablaze.

Author — Graceyn Walker