Tornado Hits Intersection In New York City

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#Throwback: Spectacular footage capturing a tornado hitting an intersection in New York City just as the evening rush hour was beginning on September 16th, 2010 at around 5:30 pm. The winds in NY reached top speeds of more than 200 km/h on that day. Shot at the intersection on 7th Avenue & 9th Street (Brooklyn).


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💬 Comments on the video

Guy at 3:05 just casually taking his dog for a walk during a tornado lmao

Author — Viktor K.


Those of us living in tornado alley are like, "so...does the tornado happen in part 2?"

Author — Yahweh Hates You


Im from Oklahoma .that was just a lil thunderstorm lol

Author — Heather Draughon


That wasn't a tornado it called a micro burst...

Author — F.catfracasso fracasso


Not even remotely close to a tornado...misleading clickbait.

Author — 4CRASH06


New York's crazy drivers actually slowed down for 3 seconds

Author — Santy Klaws


Not a tornado at all. The wind whipping around the buildings there gives it that rotation, but def not a tornado.

Author — Andrew White


Those People wouldn't be able to walk thru a Tornado, just a bad thunderstorm.

Author — Bradford Lee


New Yorkers 🙄 get a little bit of rain and wind and it’s a “tornado”

Author — 5252rpm


Wait.. You call that a tornado?! Ask one of us in the Midwest!

Author — Rachel McBride


That's just a microburst but yet those can still do damage

Author — RayRaySoShy


Thats no tornado. Just a normal rain storm in the south. Come to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or the neighboring states if you want to see what a real tornado does

Author — Brian M


Looks like a microburst....very common in Florida

Author — Neal Askme


yup, thats NY’rs for ya.... dont care what the weather is throwing at them, they just keep on keepin on like nothin is happening

Author — Abida Babida


The "Tornado" has more mercy on small businesses than the "rioting" "peaceful " protesters

Author — Lake Ratatouille


Tornado or microburst, New Yorkers never yield...🇺🇸

Author — JScott Paving


The people of kansas are saying in their fake Australian accents, "You call that a tornado?"

Author — spaceagethree


New Yorkers, that was not a tornado or a microburst. Y’all need DOPPLER RADAR and GARY ENGLAND😆
He’s set you straight
Shout out from Oklahoma 🇺🇸💪🏼🌪

Author — Susan Smith


"Tornado" 🙄🤷 You must not know what a tornado looks like. Come to my state and find out.

Author — Kamikaze Tsunami


It gave the taggers loads of work to do after blasting all the graffiti off the walls... Best of luck to whoever reads this from meself here in Dublin Ireland

Author — Dacez Trell