Senator blasts Trump's wall as 'medieval vanity project'

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Senator blasts Trump's wall as 'medieval vanity project'2.5
During a CNN town hall in Iowa, Democratic presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris criticized President Donald Trump's proposal for a wall along the US-Mexico border, saying she would never support one even if a deal included protection for DACA recipients.#CNN #News

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She always takes the questions and gives an answer to something else with her pre-practiced memorized scripts

Author — Chadaugi


Kamala Harris is not a good vote. She has corporate interests in mind and will not serve the people. As a liberal I will not support any more corporate democratic candidates.

Author — murrrmur


Being economically and socially illiterate but still running for president like Kamala is the definition of vanity.

Author — david abe


Kammy is a total fraud.
She promises the sun moon and stars and will be able to deliver NOTHING - just like obama.

Author — bctvguy


I don't understand how border patrol says walls work very well, and then people say they don't? Also no one says just a wall, its called comprehensive reform so people don't dig tunnels under the walls or throw ladders over it, and a wall, which is part of comprehensive reform, and it works very well apparently.

Author — TheyTake MyCalls


She is dirty like the Cuomo baby killers!!!!

Author — Marie Lang


Just another has the mannerisms of every other lawyer in Washington.🤔

Author — Mark Miller


America never made any promise to the DACA kids or to their parents, Obama was the one that made that promise. He made that promise just two weeks before the 2012 national elections, I personally thought it was a bribe to get the Hispanic vote.

Author — MichaelofSC


CNN fake news fails to tell you that the DEMS already voted and funded 350 miles of the wall now all of the sudden it's a medieval vanity project. As long as liberal keep buying it the DEMS and CNN will sell it

Author — Anti Snowflake


Trump thinks he'll be able to put his name on the wall as if it was a building, IMO.

Author — Gordon Adams


Wow 😮 I might vote for trump, next candidate please

Author — Rowdy1


CNN carrying her all the way, Democrats deserve exactly what they vote for.

Author — BERNRED 1984


How scripted is this side show? Harris needs illegals. 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — kingtorta


Does this woman know that almost all school loans and schools are already publically owned. This woman wants to eliminate everything that isn’t government owned. Debt free college? Path? Renewable energy? This woman is a whack job.

Author — Chris Edward


Weird how DNC primary rules still haven’t changed. Guess fix will be SUPER in...😂 your votes are worthless.

Author — Don Smith


She won't support a wall, but says she will support drones. Yeah, right, if a wall won't stop them like a drone will. Listen to the experts, they say we need both to protect our borders. I say she tears down the security walls at her home, remove the locked doors, and get a drone to prove her point. That will never happen, because she know it is ludicrous to expect a drone to protect her home securely. Same with our country from the criminals, gangs, human traffickers, and drug smugglers, etc. Get real and stop putting politics ahead of our national security!

Author — Jeff Stewart


Hillary Clinton 2.0.

No thanks. I've seen this movie already. I know how it ends.

Author — Argonova


If nothing alse I see Kamala creating momentum
on bringing forward a clear, correct, objectuvely defined case against Trumps idiotic wall

Author — d d


Our staunchest ally in the Middle East Israel has partition walls to preserve its national identity and I doubt the Senator would dare say anything about it.

Author — Luke Wagner


With all due respect to the elected senator from Cal.
Donald Trump has achieved during his life what you would never do during ten lifetimes.
His best attribute: he concentrates in achievement through his God given talents. Never, ever, wastes time on destructive, dividing, criticism.

Author — J. J. Nunez