El Chapo's drug tunnels, explained

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How El Chapo dug his way to the top of the drug trade.

Throughout his career as a drug trafficker, tunnels have been the common theme in El Chapo’s story. When he gained control of a major drug trafficking corridor in the late 1980s, Joaquin Guzman Loera — then known as “el Rapido”— was the first to create super tunnels for transporting drugs across the border.

At the time, a crackdown by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) meant Colombian cocaine was in decline and the Mexican narcotrafficker saw an opportunity. By using tunnels to facilitate fast transport, El Chapo leveraged his role as a trafficker to claim new responsibilities as a cultivator and distributor of drugs.

Over the next twenty years, he learned how to use his drug tunnels in ways nobody had ever imagined and his success became dependent on his subterranean inclinations. Although his masterful use of tunnels led him to a maximum security jail cell at Altiplano prison, it would be tunnels that also led him back out again.

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When you get bored in prison “ ight ima head out”

Author — The king


El Chapo should help Elon Musk with the boring company to build tunnels faster 😂

Author — Armando Ferreira


El Chapo has taken Minecraft to another level.

Author — Cryptic2000


Y’all telling me that they knew he loved digging tunnels, and still put him on the first floor?!

Author — John


*america* build a wall
*mexico* build a tunel

Author — Real One


Media: "He's the tunnel king!"

The people who actually dug the tunnel and broke him out: *:(*

Author — Ellard Kurvin


Criminals are always intelligent.
Just not used the right way.

Author — Ryan.Y


It's easy just put bedrock under the ground so they can't escape

Author — synrgi


At least they use renewable energy 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😭

Author — sabtien siddique


I know it’s bad but I would like to see him escape again.

Author — Emmanuel M.D


He’s living the life of every GTA players have ever dreamt of

Author — Dioun


Can you guys do a video on Andrew Yang 2020 campaign and Universal basic income?

Author — Top Music Charts


Prison guard: * Blinks *


Author — Meme Chronicles


Mexico: *Has tunnels*

Trump: _Welp, let’s build a wall_

Author — T K


At least he's using green energy in some of the tunnels

Author — cameron knight


Drug dealers: *Tunnels*
Trump: *wALL*

L o g i k

Author — Cindy Lu


El Chapo: gets bored

Aight imma head out

Author — M Z


Supply and demand. As long as the demand for drugs is high, there will always be a supplier no matter the hurdles.

Author — harry Diaz


Guard: turns around.

El Chapo: *I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move.*

Author — Juan Lopez


It´s strange how the US spends so much money on the drug war, yet it just gets more violent and costly each year.... Maybe stop?

Author — Albin Ternland Larsson