India Wants To Use Flesh Eating Turtles To Rid The Ganges Of Decomposing Bodies (HBO)

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India Wants To Use Flesh Eating Turtles To Rid The Ganges Of Decomposing Bodies (HBO)4.5
India’s Ganges river is the main source of water for half a billion people. It’s also holy to the country’s almost 1 billion Hindus, who bathe in the river to be cleansed of their sins and believe that if a body is cremated and released into the water at Varanasi it can escape the cycle of reincarnation.

But the river’s cleansing abilities are limited by the fact that the Ganges is one of the world’s most polluted waterways: A billion gallons of raw sewage and industrial waste currently pour into it every day.

The Indian government’s most recent initiative to tackle the pollution problem, Namami Gange, was announced in 2014 and promised $3 billion in funding. So far, it has yielded very few results, and a 2017 investigation concluded that just $205 million had been spent.

Still, the government has launched some pretty outlandish plans, including breeding thousands of flesh-eating turtles to deal with the 200 tons of half-cremated, decomposing bodies that enter the river at Varanasi every year, and commissioning an official pop anthem for the river to rouse patriotic sentiment.

With a growing scandal on its hands, Narendra Modi’s government is scrambling to finish planned Ganges projects before the 2019 general elections. But environmental scientist and campaigner Rakesh Jaiswal said he hasn’t seen any change so far. “The situation is worsening, and in the last 24 years I have seen no improvement at all,” he told VICE News.

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“The situation is worsening, and in the last 24 years I have seen no improvement at all, ”

Author — VICE News


There are ignorant people all over the world but India has the most.

Author — Pakistan Ka Podcast


Just bathing in holy shit, very spiritual stuff

Author — Abner Luiz


I am not against the religious beliefs but some myths should be removed from india
Eg:- burning bodies right besides the water bodies, throwing millions tons of flowers in Ganga, and cleaning the water bodies regular instead of cleaning it on occasions

Author — Nilesh Shetty


They say it’s sacred but don’t respect it by cleaning it.

Author — Aztek Colours


I was in Varanasi in mid January. I saw sacred cows and dogs dropping feces on the walk ways next to the river. People urinate on the sidewalk and into the drains going into it. Trash everywhere. People actually drink from the water while ritual bathing. Government cleanup wont do anything.
All along the river people are polluting it.

Author — Journeyman Dan


Is India's government run by highschoolers who are too lazy to do their projects? Because I can relate.

Author — ワカマンWAKAMAN


When people start dying because they bathed in that polluted water, then they'll do something about it.

Author — Spicy Ramen


That water is disgusting and that’s being very kind. I wouldn’t use it to flush my toilet.

Author — Avanti2Man! Uscgsam


This river empties into the ocean. The enviromentalists haven’t said shit about this. No pun intended.

Author — riccardo estavans


this river is about to cause super bacteria that kill us all, if it hasn’t already.

Author — giraffe neck


Tripathi is full of sh!t like that river.🤬

Author — Moses


Prof. Tripathi says "Dilution is the solution to pollution". Idiots like these head the authorities responsible for cleanup of the Ganga. It's exactly how people shun their responsibility and expect the river to clean itself.

Author — Manoj Pawar


*Do Indians make every single thing their own personal toilet?*

Author — Kelby Rock


Ironically, one of the world's first sewage system was developed in indus valley civilization(3300bc-2100bc) which was located in present day india and pakistan which means that the ancient ancestors of indians were more hygienic and advanced than the present people.

Author — michael uzumaki


Tripathi should be arrested for all the misinformation he is spreading.

Author — Poon Slayer1312


If you drink the water, then it will help in the improvement of your health!
Dilution is the solution of pollution!
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

Great quotes from Professor B.D.Tribathi a truly dedicated and educated poet of the Hindu faith.
May I conclude with the most appropriate words I can apply to this story - Holy Shit.!!!

Author — David Lawrence


Sad to see people's opinion about my country.. But that's the truth and we people are responsible.

Author — aTTractiveDolphin.


Come on Guys that’s Not Water Anymore 💀🙅‍♂️🤭

Author — Oscar T


Whatever happened to never pooping where one drinks ?

Author — Deena Stephens