Nancy Pelosi Forces Donald Trump To Back Down | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Nancy Pelosi Forces Donald Trump To Back Down | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah4.5
Opposition leader Juan Guaido swears himself in as president of Venezuela, Trump delays the State of the Union, and the government shutdown sparks air safety concerns.

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*_How can you not tell if something is that young, are you an archeologist or R. Kelly?_*

*_No no, he's a good guy. I shouldn't have said that._*


Author — Patricia Ebadan


That R Kelly joke. No time for a firefighter. Call a priest.

Author — Daxaaar The Bot


"Are you an archaeologist or R Kelly?" brilliant!

Author — Martijn Treffers


22 trillion state debt, 100 trillion total debt. America, you're broke.

Author — LordKellthe1st


not the first time. e.g. Napoleon crowned himself Emperor

Author — ThomasHaberkorn


Omg. Trevor you didn't!!!
Are you an Archeologist or R Kelly!

Author — BYN.ANGIE


Spirit airlines we get you closer to God so he can hear your prayers! We trade safety for your soul . Lol

Author — the last of the lemmings


The US waited until Venezuela was in economic distress and then piled on the sanctions to foment a revolution.
This play is well known.

Author — bluchocolate123


As a “poor” man, I REALLY do relate to those 800 thousand plus out of work all because of a corrupted system that allows one man/child to hurt so many.. one leading all is outdated policy and the electoral college MUST go!

Author — michael white


Trever you really need to look beyond the oil industry report on venezeula. Your lack of research unlike that of reporters brave enough to actually go there is doing real harm to people. Remember The U.S. government supported South African Apatheid. You don't think you should at least think about questioning the story?

Author — David Canatella


Not the first self proclamation. Napoléon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor in 1804...

Author — Pascal Martin-Daguet


To be fair to Venezuela, while their political problems may come back go Maduro, the economic ones are Obama's work.

Author — Adrian Moore


The West has a history of supporting opposition parties. Look what that has got those countries into.

Author — yidingcao


Wait did they not say that Russia rigged election for trump how comes Hillary didn't sworn in too.... Funny to see the same people who advocate for democracy supporting I legitimate undemocratic president shame on all of you

Author — farajo Firin


I hope Nanci Pelosi permanently block Trump from giving the State of Union Address...he so want that stage bad

Author — wat ad


I'm swearing myself in for presidency of the United States🇺🇸
God Bless America

Author — We Shall Rise


If the secret service stop working it'll be easier now to assassinate him

Author — Van Le


Conveniently forgets to mention US Sanctions caused this.

Author — Mohammed Abshir


This already happened in Kenya Trevor. Raila Amollo Odinga swore himself in last year. Research that

Author — Ian Alfred


Pelosi is Trump's beautiful, powerful wall

Author — Esme Nouvelle