Real Reason For Extra Troops In Kashmir Revealed | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

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Real Reason For Extra Troops In Kashmir Revealed | The Debate With Arnab Goswami4.5

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Tell me who r planning to buy land in J&K ? 😜😜😜😜
Time to realise the food stalls in Kashmir ....VadaPav of Mumbai, pani puri of Rajasthan, Idli, Dosa of south India

Author — kavitha...


Only one wife and only two children policy is the need of the hour.
This is land of hindus, those who don't respect us please go to Pakistan, enough is enough, we suffered alot since thousand years.



Congress leaders don't want this Kashmir issue ever solved. Boycott Congress...

Author — Chhota Bheem


I want to open a psychology clinic in Srinagar. People of Srinagar desperately need psychological treatment.

Author — অরুণ বাঙালি হিন্দু


Arnab Goswami is that kind of journalist whose heart is fearless, a genuine Nationalist. There is no other journalist like Arnab in India. Feel proud of you.

Author — mousumi majumder


Pls include population control bill with other bills in the parliament.
It is very very important than "Triple Talak"

Author — prajesh nair


Pakistani dogs are barking very Loudly. Arnab is cool.

Author — Rupsen Shah


Kashmiris have two choice
1. Stand with troops and live.
2. Stand with al qaida and go to heaven.

Author — chandra shekhar


Arnab why don't u decrease the audio volume of these anti nationals they just keep on barking like a mad 🐕dogs.. Their barking hurts my ears.. Give everyone equal time slot to speak so that everyone gets their say....

Author — kundan ojha


Entire nation stands together with the Armed Forces. Proud of our bravehearts.

Author — Sundareswaran A P


I wanna start a business in Kashmir. When can I move in ? I can’t wait anymore.

Author — Psilocybe Vibe


Just hunt down those who are against our motherland and swipe them out of the world...not need of discussions, talks or hammer them so badly that no one will ever dare to even think against our country..Jai Hind

Author — anoop s nair


!Arnab the the distilled form of ingenuity and fearlessness!🙏

Author — jadumani saha


Those who have taken Kashmir from Kashmir prandits from Force now they are feared 😂🤣😂

Author — VINAYA.N vinay


RSS. Move to kashmir. On 15th August. With full safty.

Author — Wishav Talwar


I am in Mexico right now I want to buy a land in Kashmir when can I buy ?

Author — Vikram Singh


We are with Modi ji and the armed forces.

Author — Fatima Omer


Jitna army india ka he, utna population toh kashmiri mullo aur Pakistan ka bhi nehi he🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Muhebuba Mufkti ka ab G....d fat gayi
Kashmir King Hari singh handed over kashmir to Indian government and where this any sheik give kashmir??? Lol

Author — N Dash


ARNAB entire INDIA IS WITH ARMED FORCES. Full Opposition knows what will happen if they don't support.
ARNAB your journalism is as good as our patriots armed forces.

Author — jaisavi thej


India should develop Kashmir like Switzerland

Author — srpratap