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If you look at a map closely, you will see that Azerbaijan has a strip of land on the east side of Armenia. But within Azerbaijan itself, there is another region that is, in fact, controlled by Armenia.

As you can imagine, all of this is more than lines on a map. We are talking about one of the most complex conflicts in world politics. A conflict that may be about to be resolved.

Armenia and Azerbaijan re neighbors and have a lot in common. Both were Soviet republics. Both countries are extremely corrupt. Azerbaijan is the private confinement of the Aliyev family, and Armenia has been run for decades by an elite group of oligarchs. As if that were not enough, in both countries they speak unpronounceable languages.

But in another way, Armenia and Azerbaijan hate each other. But really hate each other. The conflict between these two countries has cost thousands of lives over the past three decades and caused millions of people to be displaced. In this video, we will tell you all the details.

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"this conflict may be resolved"
5 months later: armenia and azerbaijan attack eachother

Author — Muhammad bin Bilal


“The conflict will soon be over”

That didn’t age well

Author — Cossack Historian


Who is here because
of the September 27th
2020 Border Conflict?

Author — bob857able


Balkans : "Who are you"
Caucasus : "I'm you, but worse"

Author — NightViber20


“This conflict will soon be resolved.” Boy were you ever wrong with that prediction.

Author — Bryan


Balkans: our conflict are the worst
Caucasus: allow us to introduce ourselves

Author — X-Ecks


*"The United States has no interest in this story"*

Wait until they find out about Armenia's secret underground oil reserves

Author — Filipe Moreira


Many historical mistakes in the video. The biggest one was stating "Stalin occupied the Caucasus and divided it into three republics". However, those three republics were independent states prior to the Soviet occupation.

Author — Shargi Mammadov


This 3 bigs: Turkey, Russia, Iran.
And this 3 smalls: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia
Is connected with one another in Caucasus. And you can't divide them from one another.
-Erol Mutercimler

Author — Windsor Andreas


September 2020: NO. Peace is not possible.

Author — Jean Didier


You know Armenia and Azerbaijan hate each other because in Eurovision they almost never give points to each other



Caucasus: We want peace
Putin: Hold my beer.

Author — Aykhan Masimli


I want to see peaceful resolution between Armenia and Azerbaijan.... from IN

Author — Prince Kumar


I am a Georgian and i think this war happened because of Russia, lost Azerbaijan lost Armenia and Russia became a winner

Author — dark star


This is one of the rare videos where I put a thumbs down. Besides many inaccuracies, it just shows how little they know about the region and the history of the conflict.
The video is full of stereotypes and written from a eurocentric perspective. The analysis offered here is not more than superficial.

As much as I appreciate the idea behind the video, the implementation totally failed.

I have the feeling that the team of the MSC addresses this conflict very naively. Just put together the leaders of both (these 'stupid and underdeveloped') countries on the stage - et voila! That you can make things even worse with such a format, they probably couldn't imagine.

Author — Ricardo Bergmann


This conflict wont ve resolved if the world doesnt help us! Because this conflict is leaded by Russia and Russia doesnt want peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan!

Author — Raziya Babayeva


It’s not about the land. It’s about the people in those lands.

Author — Kolin Martz


"This conflict may soon be resolved"
Welp, that aged like milk...

Author — Cai MacCoinnich


I really love the way they "resolved" the conflict..

Author — wegeable


good stuff mate, but looks like the border is on fire at moments now.

Author — malachi simonyan