🇰🇿 Why did Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev resign? | Inside Story

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🇰🇿 Why did Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev resign? | Inside Story5
He's the only leader Kazakhstan has ever known since its independence, and its first President.
Now 78-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev has stepped down in a sudden announcement.
But although Nazarbayev has ended his almost thirty year-rule, he's not given up power.
He is keeping the constitutional status of both "leader of the nation" and chief of the country's security council.
The speaker of the upper house of parliament, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has been sworn in to serve the rest of Nazarbayev's term which ends in 2020.
Does that signal a shift in this central Asian state?
And how's this being viewed, regionally AND globally?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan

Yevgeniy Zhovtis, human rights activist.
Alex Melikishvili, analyst at financial risk consultancy I-H-S Markit.
William Courtney, former U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan


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Because he is old and has health problems. Wants to avoid situations like in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, where an ex-president's legacy is wiped out and their family imprisoned.

Author — Kazakh Doge


And also change the name of the Kazakistan capital to his name. Is that proper thing to do?

Author — Al Demir


He resigned as he wanted to be able to spend more time playing FIFA..

Author — The Wolverine


He is clever to leave before they kick him out.

Author — 456inthemix


Congratulations to Aljazeerah English (Online) for assembling a very good tele-conferenced panel of various specialists with the likes of Yevgeniy Zhovtis, Alex Melikishvili and especially William Courtney on this issue of Nazarbayev's resignation and "succession".

Zhovtis was right in viewing the political reforms so far, as inadequate and also that the country lacks really independent main institutions. Privatizations too are limited to a group of oligarchs. But then, this is not a situation unique to Kazakhstan only, in fact many other successful countries across Eurasia and the rest of the world too share this clearly less than ideal attribute.

Similarly, Melikishvili too was spot on, in discerning signs of possible political maneuvering in this unfolding succession excercise and was absolutely right in identifying the heterogeneous character of Kazakhstan's ruling circles, unlike the situation in countries like Singapore. Still, to the extent that there is any similarity, Tokayev actually figures as a seat-warmer, something akin to Goh Chok Tong in Singapore. Not entirely a bad idea or model when one comes to think of it.

The eminent William Harrison Courtney was even better when he objectively listed Nazarbayev's various truely wise policies, displaying therewith a maturity that otherwise belies Kazakhstan's relative inexperience in international affairs. For the rest of the world, only a person of Courtney's stature and experience can competently identify Dariga's lack of political base in Kazakhstan. Similarly, he was totally right in bluntly saying that Kazakhstan has perforce to be pro-Russia even as it balances in the other powers, in the years ahead.

Kudos to all of them for a decent analysis of the topic !

Author — hujjatullah sahib


Because this iron fist kleptocrat knows that he will face the same fate like Yanukovych, Noriega or Ceausescu.
Nazarbayev and his cronies are safe because Moscow and Beijing are behind him.
With Kazakhstan being geographically close to Russia and China, Nazarbayev and his cronies can do much worse than Assad, Maduro and Ortega could have ever done.

Author — John Wick


Sudden stepdown is order from the so-called higher elites, they're all heading to NWO, aka to own-death or self-destruction.

Author — YouFixTube


Neden başkanlıktan cıktı kendi kızına oy vermek için cıktı

Author — ilayda bobe


Turkish President Erdogan plans to retire in 2071 and removing capital to Istanbul and renaming the city Erdogancity.

Author — Ersin Avseren


The U.S. panelist looks exactly like Trump himself, but from a parallel universe where Trump is a Russian...

Author — Nju Vanrui


He resigned because he knows that ww3 is about to expand.
Its about to get ugly.

He's heading for his bunker.

Author — Qedar Adonai


The world press shouldn't report this shameful "transition" of power. All this buffoon Nursabayev is doing is coping the play book of his father Putin, Turkayev is another Medvedev.

Author — nasib kahie


That's the sanest thing to do, anyway if you've done great things for your the citizens will honor you without you pushing it.
Long live Nursultan

Author — Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid


The news that Kazakhastan President , Nursultan Nazarbayev , has resigned on 19 March 2019 after 3 decades in power , surprised many within and outside the country, particularly when his present term was to last next year in 2020. The reason given by him for his resignation is that he wanted new generation to lead the country. Whatever , readers may find it apt to know this Vedic astrology writer’s precise prediction in article - “ Vedic astrology predictions for world covering just coming year 2019” - also shortened as “ World Predictions 2019” brought to public domain last year in November -December 2018. It was predicted that political turmoil or major worrisome concerns to the existing Governments , among other things , were likely in countries like Kazakhstan. These concerns were predicted to begin revealing a little before the year 2018 closes , passing on to first three months of 2019 , more so in February -March. It seems the prediction has been meaningful.

Author — Kushal Kumar


If only Maduro could follow Nursultan's example.

Nursultan believes in Kazakhstan more than Maduro does for Venezuela.

Author — Planet Watcher


He is a very unpopular in his own country and he was shooting demonstrators in last few years and any protest would be quashed and people arrested.All the power is distributed within his clan and he has billions stolen from country!!!
While OIL rich Kazakhstans citizens work abroad for peanuts, rich Kazahstanis buy properties in every capital of western world .Population polarised massively!
Look what Dubai done in 30 years!
And in the end they are changing capital Astana"s name to Nursultan!As well as major roads in every city of Kazahstan! People are furious!
Kim Jon Un and Mugabe alike are just amateurs comparing to Nursultan Nazarbaev....Borat movie is becoming documentary before our eyes!!!
Thief couldnt even go gracefully!
And he is still in power.He is the head of the security council and that effectively makes him still the head of the state.He done many laws beforehand!
dont be fooled by this dictator.Ask any poor Kazakhstani or go to proper videos and read Kazahstanis comments!

Author — MrUlesus


whatever the inner game is but the fact is that he made Kazakhstan the example of fastest growing economies in the world, the same central asia is suffering from poverty with the same scale of natural resourses as Kazakhstan have .

Author — chinar imroz


No matter what, Kazakhstan made remarkable development in all fields under his 30 years of leadership.

Author — I Speak


The World please help Kazakhstani nation they are living in fear that would be shooting out, in case asking the rights !!! It has done already not one time!!! Many people speaking out the rights has been murdered !!! Many people prisoned with arranged cases !!! SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘 SOS 🆘

Author — Followme One


Trump's gonna want to put a president that looks like Obama named Jovan Guiadov.

Author — Franco R