Peter Attia - Reverse engineered approach to human longevity

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Dr. Peter Attia is a health speaker, researcher, nutrition and longevity expert, and the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice focusing on the applied science of longevity and optimal performance. His practice applies nutrition science, lipidology, four-system endocrinology, sleep physiology, stress management, and exercise physiology to minimize the risk of chronic disease onset, while simultaneously improving healthspan.

When not helping others, Attia writes the Eating Academy blog, which charts his own adventures in nutrition and examines scientific evidence surrounding food, weight loss and disease risk.

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Brought up some great points. Hip mobility and legs are often overlooked but are so very important. When I tell people the first thing that I did when I started to workout is flexiblity many looked at me like I was dumb. Specifically, I targeted the hips and hamstrings and I couldn't be happier. The first two weeks were rough because my hips and back rebelled, but they fell in line. Those same two weeks when I started to eat healthier were also painful. Cutting out processed sugar aka carbs was life-changing within itself. Three pots of coffee daily with each cup having 1 tablespoon of sugar each. Ouch. Remarkably I stayed relatively average in size for being 41. Just cutting sugar caused me to fast and as anyone can imagine I lost weight quickly and probably did not need to workout to get in 'reasonable' shape.

Author — Viktor Kay


So interesting! Sleep more, lift heavy weights.

Author — Dan Damerville


Fantastic Dr. Attia has changed my life through sharing his constant learning. This talk along with his fantastic podcast are a must for everyone. Thanks Peter 🙏

Author — Virat Mehta


Great lecture, amazing info and insights.

Author — Karen Aenlle


The graph Peter draws at minute 15....is the key to my programme. Thank you Peter, you crystallized the idea scientifically for me! It’s absolutely brilliant.

Author — Longevityshare For The Optimum Life Experience!


i really like this keep up the good work!

Author — EclipZe Muzik


Time > Money. Enjoy life while you still can

Author — Matthew Bolton


By far my favorite thinker in this space (nutrition/health/longevity). I always find myself completely absorbed by his lectures or when he is interviewed. He seems so deliberate about his speech and the progression Dr. Attia follows to flesh out what is being discussed. Valuable lecture, thanks!

Author — Ken Gray


This is amazing stuff. I can't wait to see where his work in this area takes him.

Author — kiva822


Powerful presentation. Specializing in training older adults, I see this decline every day. Too bad most people don't want to think about this until their health has declined enough that changing their course is difficult.

Author — Keith Sutorius


Amazing information!!! Thank you for all that you do, and for sharing this priceless information!

Author — Amy Acosta


Peter I was inspired by your Catalina channel swim amazing job you did. I am interested in doing it wanted some information and insight let me know if we can email

Author — phil trujillo


Just amazing. Thank you @PeterAttiaMD.

Author — Clay Grisetti


Great information. Thank you Peter and BigSpeak.

Author — Mdigi1982


Such a great talk. The anecdote about Warren Buffet really puts things into perspective. We spend the better part of our days chasing money at work. Perphaps we ought to spend more time worrying about our health.

Author — John Victor England


Start watching at 57 minutes for tactics

Author — Adity Das Gupta


I'm so glad that I discovered this video. Very informative from a wise MD! TY!!

Author — Chip Reid


Very interesting! I cannot do a hip hinge but I want to. Dr. Attila has helped me understand the importance of health and flexibility!

Author — Lyn Thompson


My buffer is so huge it's non-existent in parameters.

Author — Xavier


This physician is exceptionally brilliant and hot.

Author — Avenger