Roger Stone's lawyer: This witch hunt has been taken to the extreme

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Roger Stone's lawyer: This witch hunt has been taken to the extreme4.5
Roger Stone was arrested after an early morning FBI raid at his Florida home; Roger Stone's attorney Tyler Nixon weighs in.

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Mr. Stone must be a really scary old white dude, since it took nearly 30 FBI agents with assault rifles to take him into custody - and he wasn't even armed. But what is even scarier is that some on the left may actually believe it. And, by the way, I wonder how much that show of force cost the taxpayers. And wasn't insightful that a CNN reporter just happened to be in the neighborhood to record the whole thing at 5 am.

Author — Crabby Hayes


The FBI now works for the Clinton Crime Family

Author — Steve Clarke


look out America your democracy is seriously under threat from the left, it may not end well for anyone, the MSM IS your enemy

Author — charlie stemple


democrats are going to lose the 2020 elections. everybody is waking up to the truth. sick maniacs.

Author — Ozan Ozcan


This is all happening because an outsider was elected president. The establishment is pulling all the stops to end it at any cost. I hope it backfires and Trump is reelected. Lets see.

Author — plumbandsquare1


America has political prisoners, and Roger Stone is one of them. The Clinton left hold overs are a greater threat to America than N. Korea or Russia.

Author — andy kaufman


Chris Wray is a disgrace.
I would not be surprised if he called CNN.
FBI is as corrupt as it was under Barry Soetero.

Author — Lonesome Homestead


POLICE State tatics once again out of Muller's office an CNN knew about this How?

Author — Jon A


The Liberal Marxists are so far beyond corrupt at this point.

Author — Ainschunt Ayleuhn


The strategy of the corrupt government is to unleash political based charges @ their opposition, who are isolated citizens that do not have a war chest to fund never ending accusations and court fees. So our tax dollars are funding politically biased and corrupt life time government bureaucrats to persecute people with a different point of view. It is clear that the plan is to bankrupt people with an opposing political viewpoint and force them to cop a plea and possibly testify against these corrupt bureaucrat’s targets. It is becoming clear that this is an attempt squelch free speech and to never allow folks not in the DC Club to ever try to run for any office or even to feel safe to give an opposing viewpoint. Tell the Dems they can find a government more similar to the USSR right now – here in DC. I am ashamed of our government and mourn the destruction of our civil liberties and our once great Democratic Republic. WTF….how was CNN @ the arrest? What do they think we are….yes stupid or sheep.

Author — Peter Cole


The DOJ/FBI warrant to conduct the search and seizure of Roger Stone's property and to capture Stone by an armed swat team was clearly obtained FRAUDULENTLY. Even if the pretext for doing this was to prevent Stone from potentially "destroying evidence, " the DOJ/FBI still LIED TO THE COURT because they TIPPED CNN, a third party, and NO legitimate court would sign a warrant if the court knew that CNN was being tipped off to be on Stone's property at the crack of dawn to get their EXCLUSIVE SCOOP! President Trump should demand a SPECIAL PROSECUTION to investigate MUELLER for violations of law. The DOJ clearly cannot investigate itself under these circumstances and the Inspector General is unfit as well, given it's long-term cozy relationship with all DOJ personnel for decades.

Author — James Feldman


Does this antic remind anyone else of gestapo tactics? Sure does to me.

Author — Randy Lyons


She feels sorry for the FBI agents? Pffff seriously? They're not the ones bring raided like some drug Lord in the night!

Author — Awake A


Yes the demonrats are running things like it's a police state, and when they have these predawn raid's it's a warning for the public as much as it is anything. If the left gets everything going the way they want it they'll be coming for you next.

Author — Willam Ridgewell


So ashamed of the criminalization of political opponents...shame on the Democrats for orchestrating this whole huma and Anthony weiner are dancing like babies

Author — food


President Trump has to go on TV and tell the American people what really is going on with the Democrats what they are really doing to get the eyes open to the public Roger stone lawyer will go down next you just watch meuller will have the FBI bust in the lawyer place

Author — MOODY V.


Mueller is a disgrace to this Nation and to the human race!

Author — Dan Wolfe


Yup a swarm of swap agents and cnn " journalist" to cover it all.

Author — Noisy Sounds


Wake up, it is the right time to fight, and to all the lib's and demos, you think you are safe you don't follow masters orders you go too.

Author — Stompin Mcallister


MuleLiar needs the wall, a cigarette, a blindfold, and a few ounces of hot lead.

Author — Dennis Karnes