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Millions more people in England are expected to be placed under tougher coronavirus restrictions amid escalating case numbers.

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Said it before, I'll say it again. If the hospital's were full, the footage from over flowing hospital wards would be on SKY/BBC/ITV/C4 each and every day, because it would back up their narrative

Author — Not Fooled


And the peasants go Imprisonment while the rich and elite jet around the world doing what they like.

Author — Try and Remove me You Tube



Hospitals still empty.

Author — T G


lol treated in parked ambulances erm?

Author — Hannah T


Maybe the NHS should of looked after the people in the last 10 months and not just covid 19 . It's a disgrace.

Author — Graham W


First we locked down to flatten the curve, now we're locking down to eradicate the virus apparently, I was blissfully unaware that absolute muppets in suits have the ability and knowledge to stop a virus just like the ones that were around before the human race, amazing really.

Author — C J


So you put a headline on and then say hardly anything on it.
Another load shite spouted either way

Author — Spirit Dancer


Boris' tier system has been a complete and utter failure. The guy is completely incompetent.

Author — SV Lagonda


Just live your life and stop being afraid of a virus

If you are going to catch it and die from it then it's meant to be your c a use of death was because of a virus

How many people fall over and hit there head and die but do we stop walking because of it no we don't

Author — Nath New


You would never of guessed with all those ambulances parked up

Author — Solomon Divocovich


The official COVID-19 narrative has become so peculiar, contradictory and often irrational that it could easily have been derived from several sci-fi/dystopian novels! President Richard Nixon famously said: "The [American] people don't believe anything's real until they see it on television".

Author — AdannaG


Let's blame the public then lie to them, classic

Author — Richard Morgan


right so let me get this straight schools back on 4 jan but we cant go meet our friends...yet the kids mixing with other households..

Author — Jay Palmer


now imagine what its like being disabled, its like a tier 5 mostly bed bound.!

Author — MOSThumansare Shit


Headlines Today:-

Joy at the BBC will hopefully continue into next year as there appears to be no let up in the amount of misery they can spread amongst the British public.

Author — Steven Steven


Crimes Against Humanity. The charges are mounting.

Author — Mediterranean Diet


Tougher rules. Then normality returns. Yeah and there's definitely a pot of gold whenever a rainbow appears.

Author — J C


so nobody's talking about the fact this was uploaded at the 29th, yet the news says its wednesday the 30th. :')

Author — W B


I think secondary schools should close i have gone isolation like 6 times since September because someone has corona

Author — Fizan arif


" BREAKING NEWS " Scientists say they have evidence showing that Dinosaurs once lived on the Moon, " It's true, honest, really it is, believe me" says UK PM

Author — Gregory Fox