Watch: Day 1 of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In Senate | NBC News

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Watch live coverage of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial as the Senate considers whether he can be held responsible for the Capitol riots.

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Live: Donald Trump Impeachment Trial In Senate | NBC News

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*It's unfair on how things has turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult*

*This isn't good in the sense that it ends up affecting the civilians financially in different angles of life*

*we see complains here and there on social Media from different people in different parts all around the world*

*The government has less or no time for their people anymore*

*I suggest that we all should engage in different things to make money and stop hoping on the government*

Author — Chris Mark


His tactic was to bore everyone to death.

Author — Pembroke Jones


Best speech I have heard in years, Mr Goose! Hope it reaches the brain and conscience of GOP!

Author — Myriam Lateur


There's a black and white photo I remember seeing of an African American man being held by the arms by two White men as another was rushing to impale the Black man with the tip of an American Flag pole. That image was burned into my memory.
I can already imagine how ingrained the memory of seeing a Capitol Hill police officer being beaten with an American flag is in the mind of that House Manager.
God-awful imagery.
I cried when I learned that two of the deceased police officers had committed suicide. I'm a veteran with PTSD, and though I never succumbed to suicidal thoughts, I know that's not true for everyone that goes through a traumatic event. My heart goes out to the family members of those deceased.

Author — spicychef7


What is this “defense attorney” talking about! Seriously🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — Catisha Jackson


"Person, woman, man, camera, TV.... impeachment, impeachment."

Author — H D


4:40:54 we'll clearly skip over this👀👀👀

Author — eclyectk jackson


I wonder why they aren't talking about the fact that if R senators vote "not present", it reduces the number of YES votes needed to have 67% of "senators present".

Author — TampaDaves


He's married to a lil teen look it up there's no president

Author — Erik Lovato


"I'm like a smart person." Donald Trump

Author — reverse_halo


Wow. The dems case was litterally all just an apeal to emotion. I mean granted they had nothing to go on about trumps speach actually inciting a riot, but i feel like they at least could have tried examining trumps speach. I hope nobody was dumb enough to actually think their list of philisophical travesties was a case.

Author — John Larrivee


1:44:40 Can we make this guy president in the future?

Author — Jason Ho


big room full of 2 sides of the same coin. it's a ruse, every last bit of it

Author — Faith No More


Trump walks into a bar...the guard tells him to be more careful or else he will injure himself.

Author — Henning Clan


Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election

Author — Tyler Mackey


And they call us animals, Thugs, Monkeys😳

Author — Black Queen


Imagine all John Gotti had to do was run for President as a "republican, " and he would have gotten off free of all charges, who would've trunk it?

Author — Taino137


Lindsey Gram should never never be put back office

Author — William Robinson


Interesting that the commentators response tells me he was unable to follow the various threads of the argument. 😂😂😂

Author — Janis Tilyard


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