Rafael traveled from Ireland to get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey after an ACCIDENT!

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Rafael Freitas came to Turkey to get a perfect Hollywood Smile at Dentakay.

Rafael had an accident in Ireland, which led to many problems with his teeth.

You can see his Hollywood Smile REVIEW to be sure that Dentakay is one of the best in the world!

If you have any teeth problems, do not hesitate to fix these defects in the expert hands of Dentakay dentists.

Beautifying your teeth at Dentakay means ensuring that you get shiny and strong teeth forever, due to the great experience of the professional dentists and the high quality of the materials used.

When the appearance of the teeth becomes attractive, a person can smile with unmatched happiness and confidence.


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0:00 Introduction & dental problem
0:13 Why turkey
0:45 Finding Dentakay
1:26 Contacting with Dentakay
2:15 Coming to Turkey
3:16 Way to the clinic
3:48 Starting treatment
5:36 Treatment process
5:54 Patient's reaction
6:13 Patient's satisfaction
6:32 Dental problem
7:03 Patient's satisfaction
7:27 Overall experience
8:01 Advice and thanks to Dentakay

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Author — Dentakay


Im going dentakay in 8 weeks whoop whoop whoop im so excited, and I just can't hide it 🤣

Author — simon anthony weir


I'm just 38 years of age but all my teeth are already gone.i don't have the resources to do the implants.i'm using dentures but i can't eat the foods that i usually eat before.i can't smile like i used to.i can't talk to someone without the fear of falling off my dentures.it's sad.very very sad.

Author — lawn mower


Dentakay can you help me for my teeth..im from the Phillipines i want to have a good smile somedy..i work as a seafarer..

Author — Joseph de Paz


I'm happy 4 you
Good continuation in your life

Author — ML steph


Nice 👍 how’s the charges looked like...per tooth ?

Author — Ridzwan Hassan


Hi can you tell me what colour u used please?

Author — Marcia Padmore


Went to them too not finished yet, but think dentakay did class job so far, but that aint a original irish accent, sounds brazil im guessing lol

Author — Eddie Powell


That looks like a lot of work, what was the amount of time needed for implants procedure? Definitely looks like a happy man now

Author — Hohepa100


How much did his treatmen cost in uk pounds?

Author — sultanoxforduk


I can't see any only joking, they look great, I would have done the same probably

Author — Colin Java


Esse Rafael tá com cara de brasileiro kkk

Author — Uziel Pinheiro


You never even told us what they did step by step like you said you were going to do NOT COOL THAT PLACE IS PROBABLY A SCAM