NateWantsToBattle - Phantom (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for Phantom by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle) from the upcoming album, Paid in Exposure

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Video by Mike Lowther ►

Starring Zach Callison

I'm just a phantom in your room
With no intent on leaving soon
And you're still not even sure just how I got here

Another ghost that's in your bed
That you wish you could leave for de ad
Ain't no magic word can make me disappear

Now that room it starts to dim
Set the mood for onset sin
And now we're passed out on the floor of your apartment

With every single warning sign
It passed you up and slipped you by
But we're all bound to end up back to where we started

Make no mistake
I'll break you down
Shout it around town

I'm not what you want
But I'm exactly what you need
Take a bite and feed
Your satisfaction guaranteed

I'm your sunshine whoa
I'm gonna burn down your parade
I'm a shooting star
That wish you wished you never made

Don't wanna take a leap of faith
You wanna do this face to face
And like an animal the instincts taken over

There ain't nothing to debate
Blo w this purgatory state
The city lights will drown you out in the exposure

This world is what you need
Where the monsters roam and the demons all feed
Relax don’t you look so wary
It’s all only temporary

We roam and sing along
While the choir joins in sing an abhorrent song
We bite it’s a little bit scary
The pain’s only temporary

#NateWantsToBattle #Phantom #PaidInExposure

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Hey everyone! Be sure to pre order my NEW ORIGINAL album "Paid in Exposure" and get an autographed copy before April 24th! You can also pre save it on Spotify for free!

Author — Give Heart Records


Disney, take note. Nate is your new, perfect, live action villain. He can sing, is handsome, charismatic, and looks fantastic as the Devil’s Advocate. Take note.

Author — Ellie Shay


We're building Our Disney stars:

Thomas Sanders as the best and most handsome Disney Prince.
Nathan Sharp as the best and most handsome Disney Villain.

Author — Ida Ariane


Original idea: Answering basic security questions to sell your soul.

Author — Leah Sutherland


This song: exists
Alastor: *AlLoW mE tO iNtRoDuCe MySeLf-*

Author — a normal spider


So before, in Mangled, he used eyeliner, and he has another Ok, Natemare and Phantom has to join the "eyeliner squad" with Dark and Virgil.

Author — DrozRaze Gaming


Nate: I'm not what you want but I'm exactly what you need!

Me and literally everyone else: You're exactly what I want and you're exactly what I need!

Edit: Thank you anyone who liked this!

Author — Alex Da Wolf


I have a 12 year old son who has down syndrome and rarely talks. However, your songs makes him sing, he tries to say words here and there. Every morning when he wakes up he turns on YouTube to you channel.

Author — Maria Navarro


Why does Nate look like the Devil when he smiles creepily?


Author — Geniusly Hacked Bebop


And this where Nate's second alter ego was created.

We have Natemare, now Phantom!

Author — rubygail


Nate: Makes an owl noise
Me: shit just got real

Author — JustARobin00


Can we talk about how Nate's eyeliner is on point today? Like, teach me your secrets senpai good

Author — Magnesium Wall


When I saw Nate dressed like this, all I said was

“Please don’t take my girlfriend.”

Author — Paul Gibson


"The name of your first pet.."

*zach probably wrote lion.*

Author — valentine


Message of the Song: Don't make deals with the devil, unless Nate is on shift.

Author — Chrono Star


I used to think Scar (From Lion King) was the perfect villain because he could sing like a badass and still be menacing, and had a way of being very charismatic.

That has all changed now. I would definitely watch a TV show based around this "phantom".

Author — Hei Darkfire


Huh, I don't think anyone has mentioned how Zach Callison is in here.

That's actually really cool.

Author — Psycho Sinked


This is nothing relevant but

Nate should do a cover of "Friends on the other side"

Author — Itz_ GalaxyFam


*sits waiting for phantom fan fiction*

Author — Evel Morty


First he kidnapped Matpat, now he's off kidnapping magicians....

Author — TheShatteredEcho