Report: Russian Mob Money Helped Build Donald Trump Business Empire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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A stunning report in The New Republic alleges that, whether Donald Trump knew it or not, for decades he made a large portion of his personal fortune from Russian mobsters & oligarchs.

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Report: Russian Mob Money Helped Build Donald Trump Business Empire | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Everyone knows Trump is a business failure, so it makes sense. It's the only way a moron could keep from bankruptcy.

Author — Garett James


tax returns? someone with nothing to hides nothing.

Author — bones007able


I wouldn't be surprised if they find out that even his candidacy was first planned at the Kremlin. In his younger days, trump was never interested in being president, but later after so many russian business ties.

Author — curiousela1


Mueller is on the job. All of it will eventually come out.

Author — tantivymuckermaffikk


Trump's lawyer specialize in defending mob families.

Author — Judith Osorio


"You know, Russia aren't sending us their best...."

Author — Antony Stringfellow


It's time to see Trump's Tax Returns!!!

Author — Don Roy Jr


not surprised one bit. it has always been about the money. show me Trump tax returns for the last 11 years....

Author — authentica63


He knew. He's guilty; He deserves a prison cell. Definitely out of the WH.

Author — Keoki Ciervo


Please Mr Mueller, put us out of this misery as soon as you can. We have become a laughing stock around the world.

Author — simon clemence


All this financial smoke of illicit dealings and drumpf supporters still say: We don't need to see his tax returns
Meanwhile Obama produces his birth certificate, they have no proof that he wasn't born in US but drumpf supporters still say:
Obama needs to show his birth certificate.

Author — G Knight


Russia OWNS Trump. They gave him money when no one else in America would. They worked on his behalf to help him win the election with the main purpose to lift Russian sanctions in order to complete the 10 billion..yes BILLION dollar oil deal. There is a reason he has never said anything bad against Russia or Putin despite the fact they technically attacked (and still are) our country . It's because Russia OWNS TRUMP. He is a TRAITOR to the US. Period.

Author — Gambit2483


In the 1980's over thirty years ago when my Father was alive he said,
"Donald Trump was a crook. A money launderer with Mob ties". I'll always remember his words.

Author — Grey Bar0n


Trump Supporters can keep denying the obvious to No Avail.
Trump is going to FALL HARD.
Really Overdue.

Author — Todd Toure


Wow.wow.wow. Robert Mueller, please hurry & help put this national catastrophe behind us...

Author — james rearden


And people keep wondering why Donald Duck will never released his HELLO, he has a lot to hide.

Author — International


Trump voters especially the working class, are the non college educated people who just don't read some of these articles and don't even watch mainstream media networks. They rely on their conservative elected officials for information. It takes a lot to understand how things work. An average college student graduate without understanding a lot of what goes into policies.

Think about this- these people are born and raised in the same city, never leave their states. They only know what they know, what their parents, church pastors and elected officials tell them. That's how branded they are when it comes to being Republicans.

They only watch fox and some of the Sinclair owned local networks that are very pro Trump and pro Republican. Some of this information is mot reaching them.

As for the rich people, they are aware of how bad Trump is, but just like many of them, they could care less and all they want is for Trump to push their agenda. Deregulations and Tax cuts so they can keep getting richer. Some of them are probably doing the same thing, being in business with foreign dirty people.

How was Donald Trump able to be elected despite all that dirt on him and his refusal to release his tax returns- it was a message. "We don't care about his morals and ethics, just his policies". That's what they are saying to us.

The Democrats could use this opportunity to strategize for 2018 and 2010 elections. What policies will work for the American People.
All this nonsense dirt on Trump doesn't work in politics because Politicians and Business people are usually dirty people anyway.

Author — Beau33


Trump is screwed. Mueller will prove every bit of this as true.

Author — John Whirling


we know...45 has been in Putin's pocket for quiet some time.

Author — Anita B.


Your president is a criminal plain and simple! Where do you go from here?

Author — James Dyer