Coronavirus: Italy eases restrictions - 10 weeks after leading world into lockdown - BBC News

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Ten weeks after it became the first country in the world to impose a nationwide lockdown, Italy has begun easing its coronavirus restrictions. Shops, restaurants, bars and hairdressers are re-opening and people are free to travel within their own regions.

Italy was the epicentre of Europe's covid-19 outbreak, and almost 32,000 people have died there. Now the daily number of deaths and new cases is at the lowest level since restrictions were imposed.

Meanwhile in Brazil, the health system in the country's largest city São Paulo is close to collapse, according to the mayor. Brazil has the fourth largest number of cases in the world and there’s concern that many in Brazil's cities have defied lockdown rules — including the country’s President.

Fiona Bruce presents BBC News at Ten reports from Mark Lowen in Italy and Katy Watson in Brazil.

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Good luck to Italy.. hopefully the worst is over.

Author — John Clerkenwell


Italy fought.this pandemic has made me respect Italy and it's people.they had no one to learn from..

Author — Syed Ali


Well it seems Italy is really well organised now... let’s hope cases will continue to go down🤞🏻

Author — Yume Mori


Italy really set the standard for other countries with the lockdown. Some people may not agree, but I believe Italy is actually the real hero of the coronavirus Pandemic.

Author — The Game Archiver


Thumbs up for Italy, they're doing a great job in the end. A far better one than in the UK, where everything was going to be run so much better once Brexit was done. Or did I miss something?

Author — Guy Werbrouck


We should take note of what has happened in Italy, there was no excuse there they were the first, had no one else to follow. That can't be said about us and others that followed and still we didn't take notice there is no excuse for our government they had plenty of warnings. Even if you don't take into account the exercise in 2016 which warned we were not prepared at all, one could ask why did the government authorize the exercise if they were just going to ignore its findings god knows why do they ever

Author — Beverley Lumb



Author — Oscar Chile


I'm happy to see that Italians finally have more freedom but I'm growing scared about the situation in Brazil.

Author — Graham ツ


I can feel Italy taking this seriously and after lockdown is eased. USA have hundreds more thousands of death than Italy and they feel nothing.

Brazil president will definitely suffers something in the future as his people doesn't trust him anymore.

Author — Asher Paul Tan


Get well soon Italy. Beautiful country, beautiful culture and beautiful people. I will be visiting one day, and when I do, I will give a thought for each and every one of you lost to this evil disease. This virus does not care what gods we believe in, who we love, it came out of the darkness, and it is up to each and every one of us to send it back there, and keep it there.

Italy tried to warn us here in the UK, we didn't listen. We refused to go into lockdown until infection was widespread, now we have a very high death rate. However please keep in mind that each country records deaths in a different way. Some will appear to have more but actually it isn't the case, while others will appear to have less but actually they have many more. We were behind ALL the way. This plague hit Italy out of the blue, first of all, they only had China to look back on. We had many other countries before it really broke out here, we had time to act but we didn't, and as a result, many lives have been lost.

Pandemic preparedness should now be on the absolute top of everything we must plan for, it must be up there alongside nuclear war in terms of threat level posed. Public and healthcare drills are needed, where we spend one day out of many practising what to do if there is a pandemic in the same way schools have fire drills. Everyone stays at home that day and healthcare workers receive training on managing contagions in healthcare and care settings, and we are reminded of how many people we lost to this crisis, it is both a day of remembrance and a day of preparedness and we are reminded what we need to do in terms of reporting infectious diseases and controlling them.

Author — thewr0ngchild


Italy the only country to autopsies the covid 19 death n found out it is cause by bacteria. Ventilator are useless.
Much respect from India.

Author — darsy sangma


That kind of protections in shopping centres will never happen in England.

Author — Izabela F


Hi..italian i really prayed for you all ....but still God answered it🙏

Author — Abdi Hashim


Good job italy. May the force will be with recovery

Author — A. Baskoro


Can we please implement some of those measures in the uk instead of going for a la di da approach??

Author — Natha Lie


One of the very few countries who fought it really well and didn't hide any data. Italy's covid positive graph resembles a perfect bell shaped curve. This indicates how the lockdown measures slowly stopped the spread. 👍👍👍👍

Author — Lamia Mahpara


only the big ass companies with the spare capacity to do all these measures will survive, globalists like that

Author — rick Woods


"how many more people have to die for the government to take action" well boris should have done something before and he is claiming to save lives. i also like that you talk about the president not respecting social distancing but when boris shook coronavirus patients hands i dont remember hearing anything..interesting

Author — I_am _duck


Good to see Italians with faces covered, quarantining clothes and being removed from their families to be in lockdown. Bravo Italy thats how you won the war!!!!

Author — sunshineuk1965


Se ho capito bene l'andazzo, sono passati da
"stanno esagerando, da bravi italiani"
"stanno crepando, colpa dei rettiliani".

Che bellezza!

Author — janeyre82