'Beaten and tortured' by the Indian army - BBC News

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Security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir have been accused of violently beating civilians in several villages, in the wake of the region being stripped of its autonomy.

The Indian army has denied these allegations.

The BBC's Sameer Hashmi met several villagers who say they were beaten with sticks and cables, and given electric shocks.

Video edited by Anshul Verma.

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I wounder when BBC will make a documentary on killing of one million Indians by British forces in 1857

Author — Pranab Datta Gupta


BBC Make a video on Bengal famine
where Winston Churchill killed 4 million Indian's
because he gave all bengalis food to his people,
left bengalis to die.

Also make a video that 3m Indian solders they fought world war 2 on behalf of British.

Author — D p


First of all condemn the British government for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 👊👊

Author — Dibyaprakash Sahu


So BBC wanna report about India rather than freedom movement of Scotland, Ireland....I wonder why??? 🤫🤫🤫🤨🤨

Author — JD


See your northern Ireland "remember bloody Sunday" at Least we didn't do anything like that

Author — Rajarshi Chakraborty


English was biggest Terrorist of morden time, make a documentary on that

Author — Ayan Banerjee


Desh droh me esa he hona chaiye chahe me kru ya aap ....

Author — Vinod Kumar


Har jagah Mara, Matlab maa chod di. Anyone remember?

Author — Prasanta Chetri


I Love Islamic BBC Channel great work....carry on... I have heard that the BBC is a religious funded channel, running hidden propaganda.

Author — Manoj Kumar


जिंदा क्यू छोड़ा मार देना था गद्दारों को।

Author — Ricky Rock


This sounds good that indian army beaten terrorists but shocking BBC covering these militants 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Author — Gill Guri


1)Sab Allah ki marzi se hoo raha hain
2)jannt ki 72 hoorean ke liyea itna mehanat to karna padega na
Bina kafiron se petea 72 hooren nahi melengi brainwashed jihads

Author — Saroj Kumar


Britishers believe in divide this video is just the showcase of their intensions...

Author — Siddhartha Dixit


Don't worry... soon the queen will be seen in Burqa. ....

Author — Niladri Sil


1:11 LOL.., 🤣🤣 These are a bunch of graffitis... Good drawing BTW.. Your divide and rule doesn't work today ok BBC

Author — Roy


First of all I am no supporter of Mr Modi. I still doubt the credentials of this video specially during this sensitive time.

Author — Somsubhro Kumar


Soo much love given to this guy!ALah blessed him

Author — Vishesh Deswal


Tell BBC what Britisher were doing during their stay in india. They were very cruel to Indian.

Author — Sunder Flage


Are madhaharchodo tum bsdk k mar Gaye the JB CRPF camp pe hamla hua tha.
Wo bhi 2-2 Baar
Gaand marne gye the

Author — Tech World


Thanks for the propaganda but not gonna work. We are all well and aware of the cheap tricks British used to break India before.

Author — Vinit Kumar