My Thoughts on Sports

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"Meh" James says.


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My mum saw me watching this and said

what is the fat bubble doing?

Author — christine _


We’ve all had that one basketball obsessed kid in our class.... either you were them or you knew them

Author — emmy


Me: *is english and lives in england*

James: *attempts to do a british accent*


Author — Macaroni and cheese :D


James: *exists*
Ball: hello
James: *gets whacked in face but still exists*
Ball 5 mins later: HELLO

Author — Alicorn Vic


james: he always talked about heather

me in 2020: *I WISH I WERE HEATHER*

Author — AshleyPlayzOriginal シ


Parent: Stop watching people play Minecraft and actually play it. Walks into other room and starts watching buying mansions the show.

Author — CheapPlastik


“What if I die alone” me in 2020 knowing He has a girlfriend now

Author — Kitty the Gamer


“he was gone a lot, he always talked about heather” james be like ‘ i wish i were heather 🥺’

Author — Kat L


I'm a brit, and honestly, about the beggining...

What did you say?

Author — OneTrain73


Other people: *NOTICE ME SENPAI!*
me: hoi.

Author — Shaojun Yao


YAS someone else who thinks watching sport is BORING

Author — Isla Compter


Hidden message When James was talking about his dad he actually respects him he said JK love you dad

Author — Galaxy Akatsuki


"American Football is called Football even though 98% of the time you use hands but the actual Football has a reason to be called Football since 97% of the time you use feet America is weird" - Einstein

Author — Eternal_Scrub


"Hey england"
More like
"Hey rest of the world"

Author — Santiago Barreto


James: while the girls make the food the men play football
Me: my dad has poison oak do I play football alone

Author — Yeaplayz


James: *does a face reveal talking about Captain Sparkles*
Also James: *cuts out his face in photos*
Me: ...wow, that seems pointless-

Author — Misty _2630


He predicted the entire Heather trend on tiktok lol

Author — absolutely noona


I feel like athletes aren't overpaid. They have the constant risk of getting a concussion from even the smallest of bumps.

"Adam Ruins Everything" talked about it. It talked about how most kids don't choose to be in sports and football can give them a concussion easily and cause quite a lot of damage.

It's still a risk in other sports, just not as much as football. Or whatever you want to call it. I dont know. Call it soccer. Shoot, you can even call it fútbol.

Hail Sithis.

Author — Company of Despair


It's not just England it's basically the whole world except America

Author — Scottish fella


Who else is waiting for Loading Artist to comment on this vid

Author — Benjamin Farrell