Inside India's Crackdown on Kashmir | The Dispatch

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A week after India stripped Kashmir of its autonomy and imposed a communications blackout, we spent Eid in Srinagar, where security forces are stopping people from moving and speaking freely.

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I'm so happy that terrorists and stone pelters are sitting on toilets.

Author — Imperial Japan


Its their karma...these converties killed millions of kashmiri pandits in 90s to make it a islamic region nd seize power..

Author — raul philidaulph


NEW YORK TIMES- "Airplanes took aim and brought down World Trade centre."
😀😀😀 Bunch of jokers.



Even a child can sense your sitty agenda
Why don't you start loving muslims in America too

Author — prakash choudhary


When terrorists rome freely you never bothered, now when they are stopped you got a problem. God save us from your kind of

Author — SGK k


WHY don't you show massacre of baloch in Pakistan by pak Army

Author — Herbal Ways Herbal remedies


Where were you were Kashmiri Pandits were pushed out

Author — Yash Kansal


NYT is controlled by the Democratic Party and the personal assistant of Hillary Clinton is Homa Abedin, a Pakistani.

Author — Dipak Basu


The new York times alaways praise their 9 11 jihadi brothers.

Author — Mass india


Islam is political ideology to capture the power



Scrapping Special Status was triggered by Pakistan last year annexing Gilgit Baltistan - part of (PoK ) as part of Pakistan's 5th province . India followed suit Integrating Kashmir fully with India . Best solution . Jai Hind !

Author — India mere jan


This is just one city of kashmir Where the internet and phones are used to entice fanatics to come out in groups to throw stones and force their brethren to keep shops shut. Please search laddakh 60% area by land of kashmir where people are thanking prime Minister modi for this historic decision. Why is Tribune showing only half truth???? People are happy in jammu, in leh, it's just 3-4 places around srinagar, the hotbed of terrorism where pakistan trained people have been allowed to come which has created this situation.

Author — Mr. India


Only 5% people creating problem but news channel is biased about only 5% people.

Author — Abd Noun


🤣🤣🤣🤣 can america crackdown like this in syria, , iraq, , afghanistan
, , Venezuela, , palestine, , iran etc etc etc ????

Author — Masti ZaaDe


Terrorists want to make the region another Syria.

Author — Dharma


Aren't you a bias one NYT..
Government of India did it with some goal why u r not telling that..
Special status u say that article I say it was an elephant in the development of Kashmir, why not talk about pashtun and balouch of Pakistan, Yes the situation is not good enough but when u pray for rain u gotta deal with mud too.... Those who say(Pakistanis) aazad (free) Kashmir haven't gave aazadi (freedom) to one and tell us what to do..

Author — Khan Hamid


Your bias is itself is refuting your claims. When streets were empty u clicked picture and when they were full u only showed soliders. But one can clearly hear traffic and see car and private vehicles in background

Author — Mr. A


The best thing that came out of this : Indian Comments

Author — Mark A


2:10 and the best supporting actor award goes to uncle

Author — belgian Malinois


Then ur ready to pickup the Ak-47 ...
Then u r going to choke up into pieces ...
Or get lost from our land to get ur sovereignty

Author — Harika Rushank