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I've been getting so many requests to start tackling the subject of money in my videos, so today I'm giving you an overview on how I organize and manage my personal finances, how I build budgets that can be done on paper or with excel, and some insights into how I create security while being self-employed. This video is an overview, so if you want me to dive in deeper into any subject addressed (or not yet mentioned), let me know! I want to do more of these because I know as a 20-something-year-old myself, money is a topic I'm very invested in.

(I hope this works so let me know if there’s issues haha)
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1:39 my job & background
2:13 how I organize my online banking
4:24 creating "automation" when income comes in to align with your financial goals
6:58 things to consider when you're self employed and/or have fluctuating income
7:53 methods to budgets (paper, excel)
12:41 how I generate budgets
13:05 "staying-on-budget" tips
15:43 a quick note about my relationship with credit cards

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“You can always afford to be bored” sad but so true 😂😂😂

Author — Bulletproof Doodles


Im 23, Im a lot more financially stable than most of my friends. I have lived on my own for years (since 18/19). I have learned a lot. How to cut costs etc. I am currently going back to college and am fully funding it myself. I work fulltime and have had to manage both. Very complicated. Rent for me is $1, 400 which i pay myself. I make only about $2-3k a month in Ontario. I live off approx. $60 a week, for gas and food. Sometimes I use less than $60 sometimes more. My friends wouldnt describe me as stingy, if anything they are envious of how much im able to do with what I barely have. Its all about how you view it. Once you reach Financial Freedom, life just becomes a lot easier.

Author — Claire Jones


Wow! Can you make a part 2? This is amazing. I was just talking to my hubbs about this because we have 3 different bank accounts and it’s stressful and crazy

Author — Diana Ramirez


Caitlin! I LOVE this! You have your head on straight and will be successful. You know (and practice) more budgeting and savings habits than most 40+ year olds. I would love for you to share more and totally geek out on Excel😊

Author — Tina Ducharme


I'd love to see more on excel and budgeting! Loved this video, I definitely just spent 30 minutes playing with your excel documents! I'm a freelancer, so figuring out budgeting with fluctuating income has been intimidating for me. Thanks so much 💕

Author — simfan1


Please make a video about excel! I also get so excited about fun formulas lol

Author — Isabella Kab


I use a lot of cash, if I don’t physically have it on me, I feel like I can sometimes spend more than I should, so I like to limit myself and also making a budget. Budgets are great.

Author — Ashley Thompson


Still being college, I’ve been so scared about going into the real world and dealing with adult things. And I’m also studying to go into a field that will have fluctuating income because I’ll be a freelancer. This is definitely so helpful!

Author — Emily Gocon


Happy early Birthday! How did I know? Mine is the same day as yours, haha!

Author — Moonlight Kid


“You can always afford to be bored’😂😂 sad but true 😂 this was a super helpful video, lately I’m struggling with my money management 🤨 sometimes its just hard to stop spending, kinda treat yourself and than serious regrets later 😫 really liked your excel idea, going to use that one once I figured out the formulas ☺️ thanks for the video ❤️

Author — Lejanne


Budgeting in your 20s is so important! Great video!

Author — Books & Booze, LLC


Caitlin, this was a great video. Probably the most helpful, realistic budgeting video I've seen in my subscriptions yet. I'd LOVE to learn more about how you work everything into excel. If you could do a tutorial for us, that would be awesome!

Author — MusicalOne09


YAHS someone else gets excited over spreadsheets!

Author — Mel Barrera


I really appreciated that you sort of explained Excel for people who might not be familiar with it, thought it was so thoughtful to include that!

Author — Roos Havinga


please definitely do a video on spending tips!

Author — Ali


At first I thought you added a tweet on story but that saw it said new video live😂💯

Author — Darshan Mathukiya


Would love to have this excel spreadsheet on google sheets so it’s more accessible! It’s super helpful!

Author — Inna Bernardo


I would love a video about how you use Excel! much love 😘

Author — Isadora Oliveira


I'm no longer in my 20s but this was a really thoughtful video, nicely done. I'm a big time money compartmentaliser too. Spending money always comes last. I do this more by feel but the spreadsheet you have is really clever. I also play mind tricks with myself by keeping a some extra reachable money in checking, e.g. I think of $400 as $0, if that makes sense. It creates a good buffer for unexpected expenses or occasional splurges without having to dip into savings.

Author — robotnic


I'm definitely going to make that my next read!

Author — Rachel Bergstrom