big crocodile Papua New Guinea

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Man talks to big crocodile in a Park outside Port Moresby,Papua New Guinea 2015

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actually the croc only care for day no more chicken croc will eat that dude alive



Never see a man so stupid like him!?!?

Author — william vearne


Attention un animal ne peut être rien qu'un animal

Author — khadim diagne


Sometimes there is a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Dear brother be careful, be very careful. It might not be today, but it could happen in a snap.

Author — SuperSwedishStar


The day this show goes wrong the bird will escape and he is gonna be in the crocs belly

Author — Mohamed Y


Won't be surprised if that guy will be eaten alive

Author — Abdi razak


let the man do his job. lots of people wishing him dead from behind a screen not understanding the full cycle that comes back to them. i don't get humans...

Author — Joseph K


That crocodile is not stupid as long as they feed him chickens he won't view them as food. I'm not impressed don't feed him for a few months then do that chicken dance act with the audience id bet my life savings that crocodile would drag him into the water.

Author — hd31

Author's gonna be a "Two piece" meal one day

Author — Flx Gld


he is good doing his job with the crocs.. but at least slaughter the chicken first lah before you feed it to crocodile...

Author — Ishamudin Bin Badarudin


I really wonder why he doesnt kill the poor chicken first before feeding it live to a monster! Jeez

Author — Benjamin Musasizi


A galinha olhou pra Lacoste 🐊 e disse mais que cocoricó é esse marreco 🤨

Author — shake talibã


Nice heckle from the crowd... "bite him!" 2:31

Author — Andrew Goldstein


como no se lo debora a ese pendejp para que vea que sienten los pobres pollos al ser devorados vivos

Author — Jose Miguel


That has to be the most chill crocodile I've seen in ages

Author — SuperSonicGlitch


This man is sick!!!a real act of stupidity

Author — Alfred Hunky


The croc will give him a sweet~~~~ kiss back one day =))

Author — Zink


If that croc eat those men it will be very spectacular

Author — Yesbo Wirawand


One day a 6 foot chicken is going to push that guy in the pool and watch him get eaten

Author — Zac Panther


way too dangerous, being on crocs back !! if he gets Hungary, he would of drag him to the water and eat him ... & that would of being is fault !!!! phew very lucky old men :)

Author — Simon Jnr Keringbo