The Rise Of China's 6G Technology Revealed! More Than 100X Faster Than 5G

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While many operators and big companies are still introducing the most talk about 5G technology, and more than half of the world is yet to have 4G, China is already on its way to a more advanced network technology. The country has already started testing the six generation technology from space using high-frequency terahertz spectrum. So, in this video, brace yourself to see The Rise of China's 6G Technology.

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Keep it up China!! Please use your technology to help the poorer and undeveloped nations. Please use it for the benefit of all mankind!!

Author — The Tree Keeper


Hi I’m srilankan Tamil . I love Chaines people I’m always supporting you. I’m in uk now.

Author — Piragalathan Ariyakunam


The United States will say that China stole American technology

Author — Yo-yo You


6G??? i think most of the world is still trying to install 5G. USA will really be MAD as hell !!! love from canada.

Author — naughty old boy


I'm from India but I like china's development. Its great video brother.

Author — Jagan mohan rao


It's like the West is still stuck in analog mode.

Author — gem_k


Here in the US, even in a post office one can't get Internet.

Author — Tyler Waxman



Author — Minecraft China Project


As China moves technologically further ahead i.e. worlds first quantum communications satellite, worlds first 6G satellite, experimenting with prototype quantum computer that is 10 billion times faster than Googles Sycamore, habitual bankrupt Donald Chump and his gang of cry babies are sounding increasingly ridiculous with their wild accusations that China steals US intellectual property.

Author — meimiao lin


More power china..from philippines🇨🇳🇵🇭

Author — JE Dumalagan


6G by China, but USA will say China has stolen from USA.

Author — Peter Hsieh


5g is still not fully install in the world & yet 6g is coming out soon.

Author — Peter Cua


Iam from india, but I respect China's technical advancement. India should also focus on science and technology rather on politics and emotional issues.

Author — Narendra Nath


I live in the west, and even I can see the writing on the wall !! China has regained her rightful place as the most advanced nation on earth and there is absolutely nothing the United States or the west can do about it, everytime I see these vids on China's advancement I'm inspired and feel there might be hope for the human race after all, keep going China, keep going ...

Author — dennis richards


Westerners are still arguing whether 5G cause covid or not while China is already pacing ahead in one step by launching 6G experiment satellite which will be 1000 times faster than 5G.

Author — M'boi HK


Why YouTube deleted my comment? I am just encouraging India and China work together to reduce the tension, confused 🤔

Author — I am Legend


I'm watching this video from Texas/USA
I've got to say I watch all of your videos. I've always been big into manufacturing and processing and technology. The breakthroughs and evolution of China is just remarkable. I really wish the US would implement the high speed rail system here and many other things you guys have showed the world. But of course its ALL about money in this country and not about making things easier on the population.

Author — Andrew Rios


Anybody in the Philippines watching?
We're gonna have 5G.

Author — Edgar Friendly


keep your technology secret and to yourself ! dont be a slave to people who hate you !
don't throw pearls to swine . keep it in your country and family !

Author — The mark of low IQ beast


China can do it go ahead China the most people in the US and all the West Countries are still Use only 4G they all are behind you

Author — Ying Xiong