Diana: The Royal Truth

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A captivating first hand account of the life of one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, Diana Princess of Wales, by the man who lived through it all. From innocent dreamer to divorced change-bringer the turbulent life of Diana was rocked the world. With exclusive insight and anecdotes prepare to uncover the heartbreaking true story of the most photographed woman in the world and the mother of the future King.

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You can still feel the pain and emptiness in this man's heart. Paul you were not just a servant, but a true friend.

Author — sylvana Henson


They hated her because they couldn't BE her. The poise, the grace and her sympathetic nature, they couldn't deal with how people gravitated towards her for seemingly no reason. But the real people that knew her still talk about her. RIP Diana...

Author — Erica Weaver


Even tho I don’t believe in monarchies or “royalty”, I believe this woman came the closest to being what I would define as a royal person. Not because of her lineage, but because of her character and spirit.

Author — DAMM990


This is the best program about her ever. This man was truly devoted to her.

Author — Patricia O'Donnell


Diana's status far exceeded the heights of HRH.
She was SPIRITUALLY so far above and beyond any "royal".

Author — Vitex1955


The ONLY Royal who deserved to be a Royal.

Author — Leeda Roach


She was too good for Charles. He didn't value her, he didn't deserve her.

Author — estelle patella


Yes, very well done! And this Paul is a good human being I’m sure! He served the queen and Diana well!!

Author — Gay Michaelis


Everyone tried their best to make her life a living hell and she defeated every single one of them . That's a profile in courage.

Author — ChicagoCrew


Her Royal Highness Princess Diana. She was a true Lady.

Author — In Cognito


I miss her. She's one in a million and Charles didn't deserve her!

Author — Kae Christmas


Princess Diana was so beautiful and caring for others was a big part of her, Charles?? Absolutely ugly and a cheater... Princess Dia you will be forever sadly missed

Author — Robin Long


Thank you Paul for being there for princess Diana. I remember what she did for my continent Africa and to this day all remember Princess Diana.

Author — Anna K


Who is here in 2020 and still wants to kick the queen in her royal hiney??

Author — Yoandeena G


She was too young, too beautiful, too naive, and so they killed her. End of story.

Author — anise singer


I just loved her so much! Her loss still breaks my heart even now. We lost the world's Princess.

Author — kristy sellers


She didn’t need their title. Everyone knows how special she still is.

Author — Lana Kahl


Such a terrible thing that happened to her. I'll never forget hearing the news.

Author — Carib 4 Life


Sad!!!!’ Died because of all the knowledge she acquired in that evil palace. She was set up by them evil people,

Author — Gladys Saez


This man telling Diana's Story is the only person to ever keep my full attention the way he does. :)

Author — caroline rezendes