I Built a Theme Park With a 99.9% Death Rate - Parkitect

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I Built a Theme Park With a 99.9% Death Rate - Parkitect - Let's Game It Out


More about Parkitect (from Steam):

Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks! Bringing back the best of classic theme park games with many new features and content on top. Now supports online co-op with up to 8 players!

Curious about what other people are making, looking for inspiration or maybe you just want a nice park for your guests? Share your roller coasters, parks and scenery in the Steam Workshop!

Welcome to Parkitect, where you build and manage the theme parks of your dreams.
Construct your own coasters, design an efficiently operating park that fully immerses your guests in its theming and play through the campaign.
Both the campaign and the sandbox mode can be played in singleplayer mode or cooperatively by up to 8 players building together online!

Create the perfect park for your guests! Deform the terrain, place water, build structures! With a huge selection of deco objects from various themes you can design your park however you want. And for more you can get custom scenery from the Steam Workshop or mod in your own!

Top off that park with your very own roller coaster! Design it yourself or choose from a number of exciting designs. Spinning, looping, launching, flying - with over 70 of the worlds most popular types of theme park rides you'll always be able to surprise your guests.

Building is only half of the challenge! You'll need to keep an eye on the finances and guest satisfaction to stay on top, and for the first time in a theme park game the "behind the scenes" parts of your park have a meaning too! Route resources to your various shops without annoying your guests and keep the staff areas out of the public eye for the perfect immersive experience.

Build your way through a challenging campaign! 26 scenarios with unique settings will put your theme park management and coaster designing skills to the test. And there's always more - download scenarios created by the community from Steam Workshop or design your own with the scenario editor. With the landscape generator you'll create your own unique setting in no time. And if you're more of a creative player there's the sandbox mode!

💬 Comments on the video

I’m starting to think you don’t like this person “Grace.”

Author — The Void


Grace: *enters park*
Josh: Ah, my first victim

Author — Selky


The name of the first person that joined the park: Grace

Me: *"We already know where this is going"*

Author — Satrio Wibowo


When I saw the title I was so confused how 0.1% survived the wrath of Josh

Author — Rohith Gottiparthi


my wife wants to know what i'm laughing at.
"torture and evil, honey."

Author — Barnaby Wilde


Every time I hear "Hey there its josh" I just pray for whatever poor soul is gonna get tortured today

Author — Eric Gutowski


Imagine being in a Final Destination movie and hearing "Hey there it's Josh.."

Author — Evolga


People named Grace in games: *exists*

Josh: *"die"*

Author — Satrio Wibowo



Author — obloquy


Grace: *walks in the park*

Josh: So you've chosen death

Author — Michael De Alba


I nearly choked when the first "customer" was grace

Author — Aircoll


you straight up just tortured a lady for 11 minutes straight

Author — raviators


“Sadly I must report you can’t hurt people with rollercoasters” had me dying

Author — WUB Network


The muted sarcasm in everything he does is just mwah

Author — Bloop Smoot


Josh is the literal final boss for game developers. Just proceed to break the game right off the start.

Author — cris john agustino


“my mom is taking me to Flat Terrain (Large) for my birthday!”
“aw, lucky. i’m going to Flat Terrain (Small) for mine.”

Author — liana nichols


The genuine pity I feel when grace starts audibly crying

Author — Fire


“Are you not having a good time... on my nausea farm?”

Author — basil genimahaliotis


Only Josh would be sad when people aren't screaming

Author — Joseph Danforth


Me when he doesn’t make it 100%: *pathetic*

Author — Can I get 50k with videos?