The world’s Top Combat Drones | Ranking the Top Ten

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Four of the top ten drones are produced by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. From Predator C Avenger to TAI Anka, US Military News lists the world’s top ten combat drones based on payload capacity and weapons onboard.

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Bayraktar TB2 in the cover photo but not in the video!! You must be kidding us😄

Author — güneyin


The Turkish Akinci UAV is not mantioned. Weird....

With a service ceiling of 40, 000 feet, the AKINCI UAV have maximum take-off weight of 4, 5 tons, have a payload capacity of 1.350kg (900kg external and 450kg internal), have 24 hours of endurance and be powered by two turboprop engines each generating 550hp and Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC)

AKINCI UAV have a 20m wingspan, is 12, 5m long and 4, 1m high and equipped with indigenously developed Sat-Com, CATS FLIR, Wide Area Surveillance System, ELINT/SIGINT System, ESM Pod, Collision Avoidance System, Multi-role AESA Air Radar and a SAR/GMTI Radar. AKINCI can be armed with wide range of air-to-ground munitions including MAM-L, MAM-C, CIRIT, Mk81 and Mk82 general-purpose bombs, smart munitions (such as HGK, KGK and LGK) with various guidance kits and SOM ALCM. (Air launched cruise missle) The AKINCI UAV is equipped with air-to-air missile systems domestically developed in Turkey and will be deployed in air-to-air missions. “The AKINCI UAV system have the most developed state-of-the art technology in its own class.

Author — Turkish Empire


Bizim drone en iyisidir. Gerçek savaş ortamında kendini kanıtlamıştır. 1. Bayraktar tb2 2. ANKA

Author — ibrahim TÜRKOĞLU


Why is Bayraktar TB2 not on it?
This Drone already destroyed a lot of Tanks, Airdefence like Russian Pantsir or S300 in Lybia or Syria . Destroyed also Chinese Drone here on the List. A lot of thoose Drones are out of Date. Aksungur, Akıncı is missing too.

Author — Ergin Sahin


I just want to know how many channels this guy has. So far I have found 3 others with the same guy narrating

Author — David Deckard


You must to add this list Turkish Akıncı and Turkish Aksungur.

Author — Burak Bayram


Beyler Türk dronlarini fazla övmeyin. Bizi kücümsemeleri daha iyi :)

Author — Eren Büyükkircali


Just be honest Turkish Anka much better than many UAV in this list.

Author — Great White


I love how you say designed and developed by china and resembles the us

Author — Billy Ray Holden


That is so great....
You spend 6 hours killing bad guys and are home in time for dinner.

Author — mickavellian


Man the Chinese literally has no imagination!

Author — Sam


I guess my quad-copter didn't make the cut. Damn. :)

Author — Lawrence Dickman


Nearly all of China's drone technology is stolen.

Author — WolveMarine


Can wait to see Chinas copy of that predator C

Author — A Moron


Funny how those Chinese drones look pretty familiar

Author — Jeff Martin


You guys deliver the most information in the best format. Thank you!

Author — Sky Hiker 9


Rember that drone iran took from America i wound what they have now 😂😂😂

Author — snowflake destroyer jr


who else came here after being curious of what it is from call of duty.

Author — samsung s7 edge


Thanks. I know that Iran have developped some good DRONE. Do you have some info ?

Author — JR Apple fan


Funny how all of China’s drones are carbon copies of the US drones. They don’t even bother changing the color scheme 🤦‍♂️

Author — jeremy benrice