My First day in Kazakhstan: Sim | Local Currency | Public transport | Hotel

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My First day in Kazakhstan: Sim | Local Currency | Public transport | Hotel5
This video series is about my trip to Kazakhstan, Turkey and Georgia. This episode is based on the first day in Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan. I stayed in hotel Ramada, #Almaty for just 1 US Dollar. Check Air Astana Stopover Holiday for more information on how to stay in star hotels in Almaty and Astana in just 1 US Dollar!

I purchased Tele 2 mobile sim in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Watch this video to know the rate of the sim card and how much I paid for the internet data. Also, you will see me withdrawing the local currency #Tenge using my Indian banks debit card. I have shared an information about a trick by which you won't be charged bank commission for money withdrawal. I visited a Local supermarket to buy vegetarian food in Almaty. Check the rate of the things I bought from there.

I travelled on local buses in Almaty. The bus fare in August 2018 (when I was there) was 150 Tenge. Watch the video for more information on how to travel cheaper than this by using a particular travel card.

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Welcome to Kazakhstan! Our citizens are very kind!

Author — Laegmeril


Oh my god ... kazistan....Country is so clean....And people r so humbly from india

Author — Old is Gold


Never thought Kazakhstan would be like this

Author — narendra rajput


Beautiful country, hospitable people, beautiful nature, delicious food.

Author — Коко Шанель


Brother i am living in kazakhstan since 4 years already. This is an amazing country with amazing friendly people. People love india and indian culture too much that i was surprised when i saw people watching indian films and television with such a great interest.

Well, without my choice. I will have to leave kazakhstan next year. I will miss this country throughout my life. well, this is good that i found love of my life here. And she will be with me forever.

Author — Doctor Stalin


No one’s believe she’s marrying Nick Jonas!!! Wtf 🤣🤣😂 even in kazakhstan !! Lmao 😂

Author — Jofra


I need visit the Kazakhstan. I know whit a wonderful country and the citzens are very amazing.
Kisses to Brazil

Author — adenilson727


Very nice video Varun. Hope you liked our country. But, please, pick up some Kazakh phrases as well, cause it is not Russia.

Author — Argyn Tobyqty


Kazakhstan peoples are also one of the ancient Asian nations (we are descendants of Saki, Huns and, of course the Great Turkic empires). This country is located between China and Russia. We have own culture own mentality and we speak our own language and of course we are Muslims of Central Asia. Please do not confuse us with Russians and Chinese.

Author — Marat Nurtas


Kazakhstan is way more advanced than many parts of India. Wow. Beautiful country and much respect. Will definitely visit Kazakhstan. It is on my bucket list.

Author — Utkarsh Ganesh


There is something in Kazakhstan and Russia which was not in USA. The warmth and greeting nature of people.

Author — anirudh mitra


13:00 really funny conversation varun bhai!!😅😅

Author — Vivek Chaturvedi


*After Watching This Video I Started to Like Kazakhstan. One Day Surely I Will Visit Kazakhstan*
*Lots of Love & Respect From India*

Author — srnp0007


"I don't understand your language".
😁😁 Majaa aa
USA pe ye baat nahi..

Author — Girish Chandra Sahu


Sir, , your food is very light.... And also good for Turister... Who have habbit of light 🍴🍕🍔food

Author — Rudra Narayan Tripathy


6:38 there was an indian shop named india

Author — aakanksha bhatt


It's your simplicity that makes you so likable.

Author — My Instant Search


Kazakhstan beautiful! God! Roads are super cool! Love frm India

Author — Amar Rai


Really all Asian countries are amazing as compared to western.

Author — Vikram Rajpurohit


Indian is totally political country...politician only think about there seat. Due to which india looks poor as compare to Kazakhstan. Like roads & clean city.
Mountain trekker show this video to our Government of INDIA from that, our politicians could learn something. How to developed our country.

Author — Tech Daily