The unspoiled Faroe Islands (Fær Øer - Føroyar)

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Travelling around the Faroe Islands. Friendly people, wild animals and amazing landscapes from all the archipelago located in the north Atlantic Ocean halfway between Norway and Iceland. The Faroe Islands have been rated by National Geographic as top unspoiled islands.

Viaggio attraverso le Isole Faroe. Persone amichevoli, animali selvaggi and meravigliosi panorami da tutto l'arcipelago collocato nell'Oceano Atlantico settentrionale nel mezzo del nulla tra Norvergia e Islanda.
Le Isole Faroe sono state votate dal National Geographic come le isole più incontaminate al mondo.

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Toughest job on the Faroes.

Mowing the roof.

Author — Wallace Wood


What a wonderful place! Getting to know the Faroe Islands would be the travel of my dreams.

Author — Eduardo Sofiate


I think, I am truly, in Love. This place reminds me so much of the year I spent living on the west coast of Ireland...but, perhaps it is more beautiful, even. This type of unspoiled beauty tears at my heart. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make and post such an exquisite video. Blessings and light to you.

Author — Croaghaun71


In da soonmer ve fish, ve drink, und ve have zex. What do ve do in da vinter you ask? Ve don fish.

Author — nomebear


I'm a german, who is interested in leaving germany and i think the faroe islands would be the perfect place for me.
It's so lonely and wonderful.

Author — iron czar


Some weird comments here, I love reading what others think about these youtube videos.
I spent some time on Fair Isle, in my youth, I am the sort that likes wild places, and wildlife in general.
So found this video most relaxing, thank you, loved the tame goat :)

Author — Elmer Bback


Looks like they need more diversity. Please stand by while we flood you with millions of Africans and Arabs.

Author — TheCausation


Just beautiful. Looks a land laid out by God for His people to enjoy. Very peaceful and stunning. Well done, I Loved it.

Author — Scott Smith


I have always wanted to sail to Färöarna and now I want it more than ever. And I enjoyed the music very much! Thanks!

Author — kobrapelle


"The Islands that Kill Whales" is what it's become, after successful awareness campaigns. Where I live we eat beef, pork, Whitetail Deer. Because that is what is here. Its hard to watch the whales being killed on video, but it's hard to kill a smart and pretty Whitetail  standing in a field or even a steer in a corral. But I eat meat and thats the indigenous mammals here in the Midwest U.S. I suspect some people have to point the finger at someone or they don't feel like theyre doing the right thing.  I just hope the Faroe Islanders maintain their heritage and lifestyle despite outside hypocrisy, so when I visit the Islands, they'll be as traditional and unspoiled as they've always been.

Author — chet mcguire


I would love to live here. Tired of all the dirty city’s and people. Over populated

Author — Salty Dog Gaming


Magnificent islands, unbelievable beauty. Love from Greece.

Author — Michael Michaelides


Despite all the hate that the Faroe Islands is getting, I Still love it there. Beautiful country, and beautiful People. And now I wait for Triggered people to start ranting on me.

Author — That Wacky Flood


I can't believe that there are still 122 fellows on this planet who disliked

Author — Syed Husain


Simply Beautiful, with a rich history. A hearty life style, not for those looking for freebees. or give aways. Such is the way of remote, isolation, live off the land and the seas bounty.

Author — Ronald Pittman


what a lovely place to live and raise a family so peaceful

Author — louis wager


Shut the damn LOUD music off--so my mind can ENJOY the video without being drowned out by the asinine falsetto song! Talk to the people and get some feedback instead!

Author — Willie Daniels


Love your choice of singing and accompanying music.

Author — Elin Hansen


Stunning landscape and beautiful atmosphere, how nice to be somewhere where nature dominates culture. The inhabitants seem to be on par with their natural surroundings. The music adds to the dramatic images. It's one of those places I'd love to visit.

Author — Marc Lohman


Spectacular, amazing! Thanks for share! Greetings from Brazil - Rio de Janeiro!

Author — Lyne G