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In this interview Elon Musk talks the next big technology. Interviewer asked about what will be the next big tech and Elon's answer is very interesting because he talks about different technologies and innovations that will affect humanity. So, lets check it out
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Elon Musk Interview from Air Warfare Symposium 2020

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Author — Dave Business


When i see Elon Musk's name, i just click. Are there any fans of Musk?

Author — Classy entrepreneurss - Shule Yashar


This guy was one of the best interviewers ever, he never said a thing letting Elon use the maximum time speaking his mind.

Author — Don DoDat


Elon Musk is not the real life Tony

Tony Stark is the fictional Elon Musk.

Author — Gurpreet Kaur


Teacher: Elon, don't say "umh" when you speak if not how are you going to convince the employer to hire you? Elon: ummhh eehh ummhh what if i am the employer🤣👌🏻

Author — M. M.


I love how the interviewer didn´t interrupted Elon and he just let his mind fly

Author — Daniel Muro González


Click bait : Elon Musk...
Me : clicks on all

Author — Ayodeji Olumose


If you’re going through rough times, please don’t give up.
Better times are coming ❤️

Author — 20 Percent


he said batteries 0:12 and internally elon was like *leo dicaprio face*

Author — Geoffrey Gonzales


The second his stutter goes away, we’ll know he got neuralink working

Author — Antho9


it is ai but let me go on talk about rockets. haha.

Author — MeditatewithMike


Alright, after watching his eyes do that am not gonna believe he's human... The guy looks like he's scanning information in his brain

Author — MYN


His eyes go side to side like he’s reading something off the ceiling. Probably alien hieroglyphs.

Author — Peter S


This one really is my last comment. "SAVE US ELON!"

Author — Daniel Espee


But moon dust is toxic for humans? Why not try to build weather machine? Like that the population can finally start to become tier 2.0 civilization...for the next 1000 years than later maybe try 3.0

Author — DStri pem


Elon musk the only real living legend on earth, the ultimate Genius .🙏

Author — benjamin chishi


Elon is a great example of when you are so much more intelligent than anyone in the room, you have to try really hard to dumb everything down so the rest of the room can understand.

Author — Matthew Tanner


Elon has really picked his lane... good to know

Author — Matt McCormick


I have no proof but I'd bet that when he stutters it's because he can see the project his talking about in his mind. simultaneously all at once in the same time but when he has to turn it into a story of words he has to change the flow of time to linear. Now he has to concentrate on 2 things. One - to focus on the words at the back of his tong - that makes him loose focus on the project so he also has to keep that in mind and focus on it so he doesn't forget it and skip ahead. It is kind of stressful because people trust good speakers - not smart thinkers yet shit speakers.

Author — Adrian Maruszak


"A snowy situation." God I love this man.

Author — Nick Foxer