Flashmob Nürnberg 2014 - Ode an die Freude

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Für Zuversicht in schwierigen Zeiten. Behalten Sie Ihren Mut!
For confidence in challenging times. Keep your courage!
Per la fiducia nei momenti difficili. Mantieni il tuo coraggio!
Por la confianza en tiempos difíciles. ¡Mantén tu coraje!
Pour la confiance dans les moments difficiles. Gardez votre courage!
Для уверенности в тяжёлые времена. сохраняете вы надежду!
Zor zamanlarda özgüven için. Cesaretini koru!

Aus Wertschätzung gegenüber unserer Region! Vielen Dank an alle Mitglieder des Hans-Sachs-Chors und der Philharmonie Nürnberg, die mit uns dieses Vorhaben begeisternd aufgegriffen und am 14.06.2014 an der Lorenzkirche in Nürnberg so toll umgesetzt haben. Vielen Dank auch an alle, die mit einem Like den Beteiligten ihre Anerkennung zollen!

Out of appreciation towards our region. Many thanks to all the members of the "Hans-Sachs"-Choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nuremberg who took up our idea enthusiastically and performed it so well at the Lorenzkirche in Nuremberg on the 14th of June 2014! Also a big thanks to everybody who supports and pays tribute to the participants of this flashmob with a like!

Por aprecio para nuestra región! Muchas gracias a todos los miembros del coro "Hans-Sachs" y la Orquestra Filharmónica de Núremberg, los cuales han retomado nuestra idea con entusiasmo y la han realizado fantásticamente en frente de la Lorenzkirche en Núremberg el día 14 de junio de 2014. ¡Muchas gracias también a todas las personas que aprecian los participantes con un like!

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I've never been to Europe but this is the Europe in my imagination. Ancient buildings, beautiful music and its people. I cannot express myself better in English. Love from China.

Author — Binjie Liu


One day when we overcome the pandemic we will gather again and sing!

Author — abide


This is the Germany and Europe we love ! Dynamic, anthousiastic and creative ! Best regards from France, we love you german friends !

Author — Styphok


C'mon, Europe. Together we will beat this bloody coronavirus. Stay safe. 💪✊

Author — Sun Q


this never fails to entertain. always a pleasure to listen to this. Pump up your volume to enjoy it.

Author — alishanmao


In this poem, Friedrich Schiller describes the ideal of a society with equal rights, who are connected by the bond of joy and friendship. Let us live this noble ideal and further expand the idea in Europe. Pass this ideal on to your children so that they can look into an equal future. I love the cultures in Europe - together we are strong.

Author — rSDGermany


Als Europäer rührt dieses Video, und die Menschen dahinter, einen zu Tränen, und man wird bestätigt dass es in Europa ein wir-gefühl gibt, das im Zeitalter der Globalisierung mehr im Vordergrund steht denn Je. Ich hoffe wir können Europa auch in Zukunft so wahren, so offen, so hilfsbereit, so zusammen, aber am wichtigsten so Friedlich!💙🇪🇺💙

Author — The Channel


I love the Germans, they're the most wonderful people. I've had the pleasure of working with many of them.

There's so much richness here of culture and history.

This is among my favorite videos ever. Whomever constructed this was a genius, the framing is almost mythological. Blind (and benevolent) Father Culture waiting for the child to reinvigorate him. He takes her song, plays it back to her, weaves it deeper and deeper, the community joins in, weaving their melodies into hers, and then joining their voices together in triumphant praise of her. This video does Beethoven justice. Ode to joy. Grief and Praise. Grief-joy.

All the more poignant for being filmed in Nuremberg, that blood-soaked land, full of hard won beauty.

I love it. Genius. Thank you.

From one of your British (and European) friends.

Author — Robert Holden


When this is over, may we never take singing together in the streets for granted.
May we never take holding a stranger's hand for granted.
May we never take being free to meet, hug, travel for granted.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one visiting this video in these dark times. I can't wait to be able to get on a bus again and ride to Nurnberg, a city I fell in love with the moment I saw it; I can only hope the pandemic crisis will teach more people to appreciate the most precious thing we have, our humanity.

Love to all of you from Poland. We're in this together.

Author — Mir Rine


I love Europe. Love from Finland :) Brothers and sisters :)

Author — Rauno Repomies


who the HELL dared to dislike this masterpiece ?

Author — marianna


No matter Asia or Europe, China or Korea Africa or Italy let’s pray for every human being



This is the true Germany, full of love.
Love from Portugal.

Author — francisco pires


May God Almighty Bless Europe, May God bless the whole of humanity... Namaste🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — S Bappaditya


bin Engländer, der in der Schweiz lebt
aber vor allem bin ich stolz, Europäer zu sein🇪🇺

Author — SP S


i was at Heavy Metal concert on January 25th in Berlin and Apocalyptica started playing this song. And the whole concert hall 9k people started singing

Author — Raik Barczynski


That song is so beautiful in any language...I Send a big hug from Colombia

Author — Mauricio Ospina


Freude, schoner GotterFunken
(Joy Beautiful spark of Divinity, )
Tochter aus Elysium
(Daughter from Elysium.)
Wir betreten feurrtrunken
(We enter drunk with fire.)
himmlische, dein Heiligtum
(Into your sanctuary, heavenly daughter)
Deine Zauber binden wieder was die Mode streng geteilt,
(Your Magic Reunites what customes strictly divided.
Alle Menschen werden Bruder, wo dein sanfter Flugel weilt
(All men become brothers, where your gentle wings rests.)

Respect from India !

Author — Hero007ization


I love so much the globalization in this comments section. Hopefully peace in the world.
If you read this comment, put the country of you live please.
I want to see the world here for the classical music 💕
Greetings from Spain.

Author — Elena Adam


Beautiful atmosphere and folks in Nurnberg, Germany.  I spent many days there over the years and this flash mob of musicians and choir don't disappoint!  Long live Deutschland and her people who love their music and love to share it with others - from New Jersey, USA - God bless

Author — mysource11