Why big changes in Kashmir can come sooner than we think, and how Trump may have lit this fire

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There’s much tension over likely major policy shifts in Jammu & Kashmir. In episode 230 of Cut The Clutter, Shekhar Gupta explains Articles 370 & 35-A, and why Trump’s desperation to get out, leaving Afghanistan to Pakistan May have triggered Modi Govt’s urgency

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Can I get you good microphone? Please let me know.

Author — sarvottam shenvi


Start patreon. We all will donate for a good microphone.👍

Author — shubh nagargoje


I think the team at the print is working for themselves, thousands of complaints goes unnoticed for bad audio.

Author — Swapnil Orkey


I am a Cong supporter. If BJP really abrogates 370 & 35A I will praise/support them genuinely.

Author — Prashanth B


The noise in video is same as the opposition barking in parliament. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Pradyumna Shetty


Its first time in my life that i am getting news updates late at night. Always i had nothing to watch at night, but tday every channel is active

Author — surya pratap


Seriously man...can't u simply get a good microphone... I'm hearing birds more than your voice....

Author — Spoiled Squad


Bird chirping sounded beautiful. At least there are some places still where birds can live freely in the greens.

Author — P D


Takla Makan: "I don't often express my opinion" -
The Overstatement of the year!

Author — Abhay Bhatt


Whatever happens, we are in this together.
For India, for peace.
Jai maa Bharti

Author — dr nayk


Award winning journalist but uses a "made in China" microphone..😂

Author — shishir shetty


I'm listening to the bird's chirpings but this person is disturbing me alot !!

Author — surya raghavan


There will only be few instances when Internal political aspiration and international compulsion merge so magneficantly.

Author — Neelotpal Saikia


Who is here after repeal of Article 370 and 35-A ?

Author — anant saini


Again a marvelous episode and a very well timing. Now a historical event in a challenge coming for India from exterior. Coming 2-3 years will be crucial.



I think I am the only one who is enjoying the bird chirping in the background! Really loving this early morning sound in the back. Also a good video. Thanks.

Author — Riddhiman Medhi


1991 to 1996 me b suspend hui thi amarnath yatra, aur waha govt kuch ki b nahi thi.

aur ye Govt ko Dekho.
Pak ko baja diye.
Trump ki baja diye.

Jihadi aur separatist ki baja diye.

Jai ho modi ki.
Modi Shah Doval rocks

Author — Ranjeet Suryawanshi


I think they just want to hoist the tricolour in all parts of Kashmir this Aug 15.

Author — sameer rout


I was eagerly waiting for Shekhar to declutter the current Kashmir situation. Thanks ThePrint team. Continue to work on improving the audio quality. It is as good as Delhi's air quality

Author — Sreenath Kurpad


With N. Korea efforts not going anywhere, Mr. Trump may be looking to Kashmir as a backup plan to show as foreign policy achievement before US 2020 elections.

Author — nrusimha11