The history of Armenia Summarized

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The history of Armenia explained (Documentary)

Historical Dictionary of Armenia by Rouben Paul Adalian
Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval History
A History of Armenia by Vahan M. Kurkjian
Armenia: Art, Religion, and Trade in the Middle Ages
The Kingdom of Armenia: A History by M. Chahin

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Additional Interesting facts about Armenia:
1. Hayastan is the Armenian name for Armenia, derived from the Haya people who were present even before the formation of Urartu.
2. Around the year 405 AD the Armenian linguist Mesrop Mashtots developed the unique Armenian alphabetic script still used today.
Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն
Hayastani Hanrapetut’yun
3. Classical Armenian contains loanwords from Parthian, Greek, Syriac, Latin and other languages such as ancient Uratian.

Author — Epimetheus


Azeris-This is fake armenian history about what no one knows
Foreigns-Hold ma beer👁👄👁

Author — Kang Taehyun


The fact that Armenians survived till this day is a freaking miracle! Love from China.

Author — Jing-Xing Xu


Never knew much about the Armenians. Was here because of the recent conflict. Hats off to you Armenia. Love from China.

Author — hingginchu


Greetings from Bulgaria ... We know you know - we love you :)

Author — R Gp


After so many conquering and reconquering, I’m shocked Armenians were able to keep their identity and culture.

Author — Shiftstart


People: Wow, poland has been invaded so many times
Armenia: Am I a joke to you

Author — YellowShep


Mass deportations? That was A GENOCIDE.

Author — Levon Gevorgyan


Honestly just amazed at how old Armenia actually is sometimes. As a fan of Roman history, I knew it was quite old because any survey of Roman (or Persian) history will bring up Armenia over and over. Still blows my mind a little just how ancient their origins are. Respect to Armenia and Armenians from Norway.

Author — Ole Fredrik Skjegstad


Armenians are a testament of faith and endurance.

Author — Mohamed Blaiech


How much the oldest Christian nation has suffered and yet, keeps on fighting for its right to exist!!

Author — curiousbynature1968


I'm an Assyrian, and despite our past wars with Armenia, Assyrians love, respect and stand with Armenia.

Author — The One


Why on every history educational videos there's fools being patriotic for no reason?
Is it because they're butthurt that they don't have history?
Loved the video and love the Armenian history 🇦🇲❤

Author — Basylisk BA


Wow that’s some history. Poor Armenia. Great work, thank you!

Author — Nexus


Armenia wins the award for the most attacked country in history! Wow, respect...

Author — Username3544


When in San francisco, you will see on one of its hilltops, a very high cross. take the time, to climb that hill, and stand under it, and read the plaque at the base, as it honors the Armenians slaughtered back in 1916.

Author — jmen4ever


I always stand with my Armenian brothers and sisters.

Author — Милош Bелики


Yet another war is forming in this region, I hope Armenia will once again prevail. God bless you and greetings from Slovakia.

Author — Josh Ashe


My heart goes to Armenia, love sent by Assyrians!

Author — vox Xox


The Muslim goal: forcibly convert Armenia and live happily ever after.

Author — Merle Langlois