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A year ago, almost no one expected ever to say the words: President Donald Trump. But Conrad Black has known the new president for 25 years, and well before Trump even took the stage as the Republican nominee, Black wrote - back in March of 2016 - that Trump ,seems to have become the man whom the great office of president of the United States now seeks., What did he know that so few others did?

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Finally some intelligent commentary on a remarkable American by a remarkable Canadian

Author — Rob Sinclaire


Steve Palikin was terrible, just shamelessly regurgitating CNN/MSM talking points. Conrad is way beyond this guys level of intellect. It must have been annoying for Conrad to put up with him, you can see it on his face throughout the interview, pretty hilarious.

Author — Kevin Mason


The interviewer is completely out of his league. Black is a beast, oh my dear god.

Author — talkisreallycheap


So few others? I and millions of other Americans were fairly confident Trump would win.

Author — D Storm


I love listening to Conrad Black, he has such a great voice he could read the bible and make it sound interesting but fortunately he is super intelligent also:)

Author — H G


Steve comes off as very butthurt and silly on this episode.

Author — gantmj


Interesting interview. Thank you for presenting another perspective on Trump as a person and the President.

Author — Natalie Roberts


Steve, are you ever embarrassed by the stuff Trudeau says and does?

Author — SilvanaDil


I have to say that is a different insight. This is from a non Trump supporter. Conrad Black erudite take on Trump has soften my opinion. Thank you Steve for your program!

Author — dangir1


Lord Black is seriously one of the most eloquent intellectuals of our time.

Author — David Bujold


Very good! Everyone should take the time to listen to this. You owe it to yourself to help resolve some of your suspensions. I agree. Exactly as I have thought.

Author — J. Imadigger


Love TRUMP !
Love BLACK !
Both ... Great Men !

Author — John Mills


Steve certain buys into the lies of the left and seems to void of any rational thought re trump. Maga

Author — mark robinson


Thanks to Conrad for the blunt honest truth. Even when it hurts, its the best policy.

Author — AndrewTheRed


he said, "What do you see in Donald Trump that no one else does?" A perfect image of the pundits thinking that no one else is real except themselves.

Author — Don Curry


Honestly all this gaslighting is ridiculous, look at this example of "and yet he's not being allowed to speak in front of parliament!" The truth of course, as Black is able to point out, is that it's perfectly normal to not be invited to speak at Westminster Hall. These examples are SO frequent with the left it's unbelievable. And I'm not blaming Steve here, I love this program, and I know he's just repeating what's being bandied about in the American media and lapped up by the consumers, so, in that sense he's doing his job airing what people are thinking. But the people coming up with this gaslighting, my oh my.

The other day I was presented with "North Korea talks must be going poorly, because Trump renewed sanctions", luckily to that one I immediately thought "what the hell? That's completely normal, if he had unilaterally dropped sanctions without any real commitment from North Korea the story would be even worse, that Trump gave away all leverage with no real commitment!" So Trump makes the right decision, and the left still tries to criticize him for it, and if he had made the other decision they'd have criticized him even more!

The gaslighting of this president is so extraordinary, the media just tosses out such specious criticisms at such an incredible rate how in the hell could the average citizen keep up with all this fake news? Just in order to function, I think people need to adopt a mode of extreme skepticism, at this point it's getting to the point where you literally have to immediately meet with skepticism and disbelief literally ANY criticism of the president. And that's not a good place to be! The president will do things wrong, and the media can't completely give up all credibility if they're going to be listened to in order to spot those wrong things. This constant gaslighting is completely unacceptable and needs to stop right away, and be tackled as a serious issue in and of itself.

Author — Fennec Besixdouze


I had the pleasure of driving Mr Black several times in NYC in my capacity of a chauffeur for one of the best(the best IMO) limo services in NYC. He was a real gentleman who engaged me in conversation and was interested in what I had to say. He also tipped me in addition to the 20% that was on the bill, something the majority of people do not do. We miss him and would welcome him back in NY should he return.

Author — Richard M


Wonderful interview. Hope you do more of these.

Author — Akiva Abraham


Steve.. Towing the line for your masters. You've lost my respect.

Author — Todd jones


Tremendous respect for Steve Paikin and the Agenda for doing this interview and having Conrad Black on to call them on their own bullshit. He even called Steve on trying to spin the Westminster hall thing, "your slightly misleading your viewers here Steve" could be a tag line for the show. Absolutely priceless. All round refreshing to watch.

Author — Frost Toed