Inside London's Chinatown (360 video) - BBC News

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Inside London's Chinatown (360 video) - BBC News4
What does changing Chinese cuisine tell us about changing China? In collaboration with The Food Chain on the BBC World Service and The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4, cook and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop takes us on a tour inside London's Chinatown. This video is an introduction for special programme between The Food Chain on the BBC World Service and The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 about Chinatowns around the world.
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Listen to our full episodes on Chinatown here:

Credits: BBC R&D, BBC NewsLabs and Middlesex University.

Fuchsia Dunlop, Presenter

Danny Vincent, Producer

Peter Passmore Post Production and Technical Consultant

Peter Boyd Maclean, Director

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Why is dude hang out behind the fridge?

Author — imbored200


quality is so bad, there better quality 360 vids on YouTube

Author — Rick Sanchez


She speaks very fluent Mandarin and love the 360 video, just hope the height can be lowered slightly.

Author — Dave Vo


Very interesting and informative video !
Should be viewed in 1440 HD for best picture clarity !

Author — Michael Friedman


Watching this video on 720s it's worse than 480p videos on YouTube

Author — Devansh Jani


how to make this video..amazing technology..I can move the screen to see whereever I wanna see

Author — so emily


her chinese is good!
pronounceing well.

Author — hh h


Too spicy for people outside of the sichuan basin landscape.
You don't need the chilli spicy food once you've move out of the humid basin province.

Author — Teverz


Fantastic vid! Please, BBC, do more 360° clips.

Author — marty mitch


Wasn't one of Chinatown restaurants featured on restaurants from hell?

Author — cary bary


It's like been in a hall of mirrors....everything distorted...doesn't work!

Author — mikeajtaylor


this vid needs a re-do. there's so much more that could have been explored w/this topic.

Author — te3f


And she speaks Chinese pretty well :):)

Author — 黃盈達


When in the restaurant look up lol manky XD

Author — TheDutyPaid


Never noticed how much people stare behind the camera

Author — vera


"Not really a town though is it, more of a novelty street"

Author — pete cruickshank


This'd change news forever esp after adding 3D to this!

Author — RiZZi


This is awesome it even works on mobile.

Author — Hide


I like Chinese dog delicacies especially chihuahua very sweet!

Author — muiggz Njuguna


it was so suprise that you cannot access this video in China, Does every Citizen in Britain have to pay 100 GBP per years for TV licences to support SkyTV, Channel 4, Financial Times etc?

Where is Taiwan Town, thailand Town, Vietnam Town, malaysia town, Korea Town, Japan Town, Singarepore town etc

Author — KHXEauq326IUVYjkpwz59~@/\DOSQoevh1748:+CFGJLRdfmxy#%-,}(ABMNPTWZ