Exclusive report: lockdown in Kashmir

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Since a decision by the Indian government to revoke Kashmir's autonomy on August 5, the people of this mainly Muslim state have been cut off from the rest of the world. Curfews have been in effect day and night, communications remain disrupted and travel is restricted. Our FRANCE 24 team headed inside Indian Kashmir, at the foothills of the Himalayas, where they witnessed the first few days of the blockade. This is their exclusive report.

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Simply third world war is coming, UN is failing to deal with economically powerful nations.

Author — Sukadev Koirala


Pro Tip: If you have to prove to everyone that everything is normal, than everything is not normal

Author — prospecops


Why there always problem in Muslim areas?

Author — Michael 420


"None of them want to risk showing their faces" wtf gimmick is that?😂 If uve protested and stone pelleted and got caught you r already recognised as offender so why this drama?

Author — NO CRAP SON


Shame on So called United Nations and Human right organization

Author — Traditional BD


Share this video every where you can ..

Author — High Voltage


A damning report belying all Delhi's claim even today i.e 4th September 2019

Author — suhail1452


I have someone special there. I cant talk with him since 5 augt 😢😢😢

Author — Julia Dwi Yanti


I can see how much propoganda has been spread...

Author — vishal patel


Dear friends the mainland India is suffering of job crisis
So why are you putting money in Kashmir please do justice to up Bihar madhyapradesh Maharashtra

Author — haldane paul


The most corrupt media in the world "The Indian Media" will never show the reality!!

Author — Ruby Sayyed Panwaar


O Dear Creator, kindly Protect the Oppressed, we are weak, you are the Most Powerful.

Author — Human Beings R Infinite Beings


kashmiri dalle hai. jis thali mein khayenge us mein hi ched karenge

Author — Random TV


Where are the Gestapos when we need them.

Author — Serious Cook


6:58 better economic conditions by force. That's quite suspicious. Indians are doomed

Author — Rnam Saa


People are bounded in home till 26 days with their full barbarism

Author — Marwat khan


professional reporting
Hats off to u FRANCE 🇫🇷 24

Author — moon yousaf


We got some hope as long as international media is reporting factual story’s and not Indian government controlled media showing some old clips of Kashmir saying life is going on as normal!

Author — raymondo man


When hate enshrined in mind, its hard to disdain from it.

Author — Imran Shaw


Deal of Rafale vs Moral Obligations. I thought french could do more keeping in view the french revolution they can understand meaning of operssion and value of freedom! SMH.

Author — Usman M