Tucker: How does bringing in more illegals help the US?

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Tucker: How does bringing in more illegals help the US?4.5
Tucker asks Phoenix mayoral candidate Kate Gallego how bringing in more illegal immigrants will make her community and the country more profitable, help America as a whole. #Tucker

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People siding with illegal aliens over Americans should be charged with treason.

Author — protect your 2nd


TUCKER always does a great job of snatching the life out of a lazy loser leftist.

Author — G K


People like that woman is what will cause the demise of USA.

Author — Asahel


I guess if you robbed a bank, it would be called an "undocumented withdrawal"?

Author — CB H


Tucker will never run out of nut bags to interview

Author — NoChannelChannel


Build a wall, catapult the Left over said wall. The end, happy day.

Author — Rhapsidy


Absolutely live here and the crime rate has gone through the roof!

Author — srakooky17


AGAIN, repeat same dribble, & don't answer him!!

Author — Linda Edwards


I lived in Phoenix back in the early 70's. It was a great city back then. It seems to be falling into the footsteps of LA and San Francisco. Immigrant shitholes.

Author — MrCrankybird


when you debate a leftist don't expect a response with meaning lol

Author — Don mcfadden


I was born in phoenix in the year of 1940 and beleve me WE DONT NEED ANY MORE

Author — raymond wood


Built by imigrants yes LEGAL IMIGRANTS NOT ILLEGAL

Author — Phillip Novak


She doesn't understand the question you are might have to spell it out to her word by

Author — Erna Bueing


Yeah! Let’s bring in tons of extra people so we can drive wages down... Supply and demand 101.

Author — Josh Schwartz


She talks in glittering generalities, never answering his questions. She lives in la-la land.

Author — Darlene Rothenay


lmao i luv tucker, he ask this lady a question and her answer is going in another will never give you an answer, they will talk in circles around the question!

Author — MotorcrossRacer1


So that's how Democrats stay in power lol the ileagals vote lol

Author — Mary Naples


" How many immigrants does Arizona need?"

" Well, how bout those Patriots, looks like another Superbowl"

" answer the question, how many?"

" there have been many success stories" Blah blah blah....

Author — TruthMaster2020


They have been sending all their money back home - OUT of America. They have no interest in helping USA

Author — Americans FIRST GodBlessAmerica


We don't have a large enough workforce...No, they don't have a large enough slave wage workforce

Author — Dre Zee