VAN LIFE Self Isolation Diaries 🇹🇷ISTANBUL TURKEY - Around the world drive during a pandemic

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We continue our self isolation van life - here in Istanbul Turkey. In this episode we share our self isolation experience and how we muddle through with Google Translate. - Things aren't always as they seem.

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Travel vlog 296 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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In case you don't know us - let us introduce ourselves - we are Chris (48) & Marianne (51). We are a married travel couple. We recently quit our jobs and sold our belongings to become full time travel vloggers.

After more than 22 years of marriage we are still best friends

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Marianne and Chris

💬 Comments on the video

As a Turkish student stuying at the University of Manchester I am glad to hear that you are happy and safe in my hometown. I missed it so much :) Be safe.

Author — Gökhan a


siz artık tüm Türkiye'nin misafirisiniz.bizim görevimiz sizi evinizde gibi hissettirmek.

Author — yasin ulusoy


I guess you will choose Turkey to live rest of your life, after you finish your travel :))

Author — Shohrat Arazov


I don't see how people could misunderstand what is happening, they should use their common sense. 🍷🍺👍

Author — Chris Needham


This is a great catch up video. Well done. I'm so pleased you are safe and have good Turkish hospitality. I liked Marianne's take on the virus: "the virus doesn't move, people move the virus." So true for all of us.

Author — Kathi Foy


Great to see you are doing well. Hard to see how people misunderstand you about being stuck in the camp site! You have definitely done the right thing staying where you are with Trudy. I went to turkey a few years ago and I couldn’t believe in how nice the people were! Amazing

Author — LeeT


Tell the owners that people in California thank them for their hospitality. Turkish people are one of the most hospitable people I have ever meet. I can not wait to go back to Istanbul. Stay Safe!

Author — Cristy Clark


It's amazing how BBC always changes the story it's not only BBC it's a lot of news stations from another country's they always think turkey is a bad country they always wants to give it a bad name. It's because we're are a Muslim country they think we are bad people. Not every Muslim country is bad like not every wastin country is bad there is bad and good.

Author — Megaturk 77


Glad you are still bearing up under the Turkish sun, it looks like Sara and Luca are on the move again and have improved their chances of getting back to Italy. Take care Marianne & Chris and we look forward to the next episode.

Author — Cottage Atelier


It's our mission to make you feel like you're at home, safe, happy, and healthy.

Author — Delinquent Wolf


Blimey what a palaver with the misunderstanding! Hats off to you for being responsible travellers. 👏👏👏👏

Author — Angelica Jardinerica


What a lovely place to be, not the most scenic but certainly a lovely caring place to be.

Author — Vicki


You guys have the best attitude. Love every minute watching and praying for you guys to remain safe and bless the Turkish people for making you feel at home. I wish we were there in Istanbul with you. Amazing trip so far for sure, even being in Turkey longer than planned, huh? Best of luck to the both of you. Continue from Arkansas

Author — Brian K.C.


We started off in a bad situation being unwelcome in Wales where we wanted to stay & care for my parents, so we moved to another location in England where we didn’t know if we’d be welcome, we tucked ourselves away in a car park & so far we’ve been left alone and even given permission to use an outside tap of a local house. It’s amazing how nice people are once they understand your predicament. Stay safe you two ❤️🚐👍🏼

Author — John & Mandy


Wishing my fellow nomad Brits well over there. Stay safe guys, Turkey doesn't look like the worst place in the world to be 'stuck'. 👌🏻🍻

Author — Sailing Cadoha


You are our guest and we will gladly welcome you whatever you need. Just say it.

Author — Süper fikir


Your positivity is is a pleasure to watch. Stay safe.

Author — JAck KElly


Glad you are both safe and well. The Turkish people are super friendly. How are you managing for gas for heating, cooking etc.
Look forward to your next update.
Stay safe

Author — The Happy Wanderers


Which country are you waiting for the most on your road trip around the world?



We wish you go back to roads to continue your journeys and adventures soon. As a dance sociaty, we're expecting to return on stages very soon.
Stay safe and healty :)