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The Indian government has said Kashmir is calm after deciding to abolish the area's autonomous status, but video and eyewitness accounts show a different story. On August 5, 2019, India revoked Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which granted autonomous powers to the state of Kashmir, and enforced an unprecedented communications blackout in the area ahead of the announcement to avoid large-scale protests.

Jammu and Kashmir, on the border of India and Pakistan, is a long-disputed territory between the two countries. In 1947, the Indian subcontinent, previously under British rule, split into two separate and independent states: Pakistan, which has a Muslim majority and India, which has a Hindu majority. Kashmir initially chose to remain independent but its Hindu ruler acceded the territory to India and it has been fought over ever since. Pakistan and India both still claim control of the region.

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04:30 I see Pakistany flags. Is this backed by Pakistan?

Author — Javier Chavez


I hope it stays calm say no to nuclear ☢️ war

Author — Jhelum to Leeds


There is complete curfew from 5aug2019 and there is a great chances of genocide to occur in kashmir

Author — Haseeb Ch


Deliberately leaving out fact at 1.35 that 'Pakistant based militia attacked the state of J&K, which made the King of J&K to accede to India'. Also the report which is based upon the visit of the correspondent to only the area which had trouble, well, it shows that the correspondent had a preconceived narrative. Jammu & Kashmir can be broadly divided into 3 seperate areas, namely, 1. Jammu, 2. Kashmir Valley and 3. Laddakh. The resentment is only present in 1 of the 3 divisions, the other 2 are celebrating. So, yes, your title is correct but certain things are carefully UNREPORTED.

Author — Aseem Khadakkar


Kashmir perfect fodder for hungry western media

Author — The Aryan Valley


Also tell why the Hindu ruler decided to go to India?

Author — Saumya Bandyopadhyay


Life has become REALLY Indian occupied Kashmir,
Where is

Author — Today Ted


@ jeveria chavez
Red colored Brutality of Indian forces is not seen by ur eyes but a green color flag
What a dilemma...

Author — Ok Boss


You should tell why Hindu prince decided to join

Author — anadhu v


Wow that a great scene but we r nowhere close to america they created grt scene in iraq and too in far away from there land right 😀😅

Author — vvraj


This video would be some years ago and we dought confirm date time this is useless ...

Author — Mahesh Reddy


Thanks for upload truth God no forgive all world who silence on that crulity by indian government and army they pay oneday

Author — Malik abbas


You do not know the how, when and why the temporary article 370 / 35 A came about. Accession happened in 1947. Article 370 happened as a temporary measure in 1954.

Author — Rashid Khan


Mery KASHMIR k Mazlom Behan Bhaio Hum Kabhi apko Marty Dam Tak Tanha Nahi Chory gay Chahy Jesy Bhi Halat hon Bs Sabat Qdam Rehna Aur Sabz Hilali Percham Ko Thamy Rkhna Yehi Iek Shnakht hai Jis k Lia Hum Bhi Qurban Hai Aur Ap Bhi

Author — Best videos


You are also spreading fake videos, the videos are either old video or the videos from pak occupied kashmir.
If I could have one to one argument, I would prove your claim as fake.
Yellow Journalism at its best.
Shame on you Washington Post for your propaganda based journalism

Author — dibakar singh


Nice, now I know I have to make a video about this subject

Author — Adam Atamnia


bhanchod or koi kam nahi bacha tera hme bta rhi h



Why u guys r not telling that it was a temporary provision and not permanent

Author — shubham srivastava


Some good books on Kashmir Dispute;
- 'The Kashmir Dispute vol 1, 2' (A G Noorani)
- 'Curfew Night' (Basharat Peer)
- Books by Khalid Bashir Ahmed

Author — Rnam Saa



So, ironic

Author — ツ Round UI