Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in North Carolina l ABC News

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Thousands of people are without power as the storm surge hits North Carolina, which is now facing major flooding.

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Why do we still make newspeople stand in the storms? Who does this help?

Author — Steven Noble


The only time I watch abc is when they talk about storms

Author — Dale 1


Stupid news managers put the employees life in danger for show off

Author — Jc Chacon


I'm in north Carolina right now nothing's happening it's super sunny here no rain

Author — I'm Just Some editor


This is just cat 1, imagine cat 5 in Bahamas the amount of destruction is insane 😭 i being in a cat 5-4 Maria and we still recovery.God bless all !💪🏽🇵🇷

Author — Brenda Miranda


But that’s not what the Sharpie predicted

Author — User name


If a hurricane is heading your way the best thing you can do is get out of its way.

Author — Rick Edwards


God, help those poor people in the Carolinas! I feel for them and animals too !!!😞💔😭

Author — Gothic Dragon warrior Queen


God bless all, praying from Brazil 🇧🇷

Author — Lucas G. Vanni


I don't understand why the news has to be in the storm to make a point. Id rather them be safe.

Author — Victoria Law


what? Virginia beach got like rain for 3 hours and its pretty much over.

Author — TheTravelingSoldier


Hurricane report: there's hurricane force winds...
🤔🤔 thanks for the incredible insight Stephanie, I guess those years of meteorological schooling and work as a meteorologist paid off big time.

Author — Mike Hegarty


Between the American news stations and a destructive hurricane - I'll take the hurricane, it's much more honest.

Author — The Ronin


Why put yourself in harm's way to report?

Author — Rayne Ryan


Is a tornado still coming to North Carolina

Author — The0nly._.bxby_kaykay PeriodT Pooh


The day after tomorrow is today.. Awesome

Author — Elias


Aw. Be safe ladies and gents!

-love from philippines

Author — LücidYT


wowww....waves pounding against the coastline....scary stuff

Author — Dom


Mr beast surviving 24 hours in a hurricane?

Author — J-Mak 916


When I was a teen living in Pacifica California, we had this storm roll in. My friends and I were at the end of the pier where some of the waves came over the edge. It was just a storm. It never made national headlines. Journalist weren't standing on the beach.

Author — Lee Smith