Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in North Carolina l ABC News

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Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in North Carolina l ABC News4.5
Thousands of people are without power as the storm surge hits North Carolina, which is now facing major flooding.

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Why do we still make newspeople stand in the storms? Who does this help?

Author — Steven Noble


The only time I watch abc is when they talk about storms

Author — Dale 1


I'm in north Carolina right now nothing's happening it's super sunny here no rain

Author — Friends Edits


This is just cat 1, imagine cat 5 in Bahamas the amount of destruction is insane 😭 i being in a cat 5-4 Maria and we still recovery.God bless all !💪🏽🇵🇷

Author — Brenda Miranda


But that’s not what the Sharpie predicted

Author — User name


Stupid news managers put the employees life in danger for show off

Author — Jc Chacon


I don't understand why the news has to be in the storm to make a point. Id rather them be safe.

Author — Victoria Law


Hurricane report: there's hurricane force winds...
🤔🤔 thanks for the incredible insight Stephanie, I guess those years of meteorological schooling and work as a meteorologist paid off big time.

Author — Mike Hegarty


what? Virginia beach got like rain for 3 hours and its pretty much over.

Author — TheTravelingSoldier


If a hurricane is heading your way the best thing you can do is get out of its way.

Author — Rick Edwards


God, help those poor people in the Carolinas! I feel for them and animals too !!!😞💔😭

Author — Gothic Dragon warrior Queen


With today's technology can't you watch the storm without going there. That's so dangerous!!!🙅🙆

Author — ad cd


God bless all, praying from Brazil 🇧🇷

Author — Gun’S Tactical


It aint that bad,
Stephanie is still there.
When she's not out there, then we know thar ir is bad, not getting worst, but indeed, not time to report anything but rathwe abort everything.

News executive lead; uhh, steph we need you to get out there and get us something anything..

Steph: uhh, hell no...

I am not about to get snatched out of nowhere, never to return and you have your next great story, saying I was brave but gone. HELL

When I hear that. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got ourselves a monster out there. Util then. Keep teying to scare us, its not working!!!!

Author — Maranatha


Mr beast surviving 24 hours in a hurricane?

Author — J-Mak 916


Aw. Be safe ladies and gents!

-love from philippines

Author — Bik Viik


Next Week it will be hitting CALIFORNIA.Weather Warfare
Dont ever remember over a two week hurricane.SOMETHING SHADY

Author — Alex Mattie


Hurricane Dorian is heading for southern Ontario according to the government and that's where I live so if any of u live there too, keep praying ✌

Author — Dabbing Unicorn 2019


Wow I feel bad for you guys I live in California
Ah but we’re getting wind 😀

Author — Me being Triggered


oxygen is diamagnetic so a very higher magnetic force will do miracles, try it with strongest magnetic force by induction or electromagnets

Author — Anil Kumar Sharma