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VAN LIFE Q&A from Istanbul. We give you an insight into our daily lives and answer all of your questions. From preparations, finances and life on the road. Huge thank you to everyone who sent us in your questions.

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Travel vlog 306 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

Thanks for the shout-out, but if you guys don't get on the road soon, we're going to nickname the show either 'Dread the Globe' or 'Tread the Car Park'. Cheers!

Author — David Woods


What lovely kind people you are feeding the beautiful stray cats

Author — Sandra Dee


In Istanbul you can also go Asia Side (Kuzguncuk, Polonezköy, Moda-Kadıköy (not by Car), Caddebostan Beach and Princess Islands). In Europe side; Karaköy, Galata Tower, Balat, Ortaköy, Bebek). In Turkey if you want sea; Bodrum, Marmaris..Ephesus is on the way. If you want history Kapadokya, Çanakkale. If you want warm weather and green go to Karadeniz🙂💕

Author — Nuray Beduk


I'm very afraid I would have two new cats traveling with me. I wouldn't be able to leave them behind to fend for themselves after caring for them for so long. Corona is quite determined to convince you to adopt her! She's trying to show you she'd be a good van kitty.

Author — Chris


Just as Chris was speaking of how naughty the cats were becoming, one was attempting an ascent on the scrawny sapling behind him. Marianne was adorable in her conflict of wanting to draw attention to the feline friskyness but not wanting to interrupt! 😆😆🐈 Cheeky kitties!

Author — Aaron P


Hello from USA! I am Turkish came to US when I was 8yrs old. You too are awesome, You guys are traveling to places I have not seen before. So, I WANT TO SAY TEŞEKKÜR EDERİM. MARIANNA pronounces the Turkish words really good.👌😘😍

Author — Fatoş


Love these shows you guys are an inspiration

Author — OBTrice


I’m just thinking 🤔 it might be nice if you bought a tree or bush to plant there in the car park as a great memory to leave there. Great Q&A 👌

Author — Karma The Giant


Keep the friendly white cat ! ... she needs a good family! ... buen Camino!

Author — Jorge Leonardo Obeso


you are the kind of friends that l like to have, love you

Author — rosy ortega


Great video, good questions and answered! Looks like you found a good friend (Corona)! Thanks for sharing!

Author — Discovering LockeNest


Great Q&A, love the inquisitive cats. Not long now you will be off on your journey, hopefully.

Author — G&J Travels


Lovely guys !! Keep on this episode. We really fun to watch your videos. :)

Author — S. Eser


Well done guys. Great video, and thank you for including my question and so many others too. safe travels to you both

Author — Gedred


If you ever get the chance make sure you go to Black Sea region of Turkey(Trabzon/Rize) and make sure you see Uzungöl.

Author — Manav


Love the video! Lots of great questions and answers... happy you guys are so safe and happy (and HOT! Like Florida ☀️☀️☀️) Hugs!

Author — Sonja Locke


Loved this vlog; getting to know you just a little more! Loving the kitties and the roses you have around our van. Looking forward to seeing the sights of Istanbul.

Author — Nelda Walker


Aww you have a kitten now!! Too bad you don’t have space in the van to adopt it 😢 Looking chipper as always you two, keep on keeping on :) ~~ xoxo Pam

Author — nominominus


Fantastic episode. Brilliantly put together 👍

Author — Scud_&_thesTig


Thanks to speak slow and clear for people that speak English so so...thanks a lot.

Author — martina MF