Roger Stone speaks outside court after arrest in Mueller probe

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Roger Stone speaks outside court after arrest in Mueller probe4.5
Former longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone addresses the press after his Florida court appearance on charges of obstruction, false statements and witness tampering in the Russia probe. #FoxNews

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I love when cnn beats the fbi to the house to be raided. Makes sense right?

Author — tattoodtoolow


19 swat vehicles and 29 agents with automatic weapons to take down an innocent man? The FBI should be ashamed of rivaling the Soviet KGB and East German STASI... actually, they may be worse.

Author — kim ama


You know you live in POLICE STATE when The Police are used to enforce a POLITICAL AGENDA!!

Author — The DogMan


How much did CNN pay for the hecklers? LOL Go Roger!

Author — C ridestraight


And CNN was right there, right when the FBI stormed a 66yr old man's house. Boy NO COLLUSION between the FBI and CNN. 🤣🤣

Author — nire muter


The people who won't even let him talk are the true fascists

Author — Maclain Hunter


Funny how this happens right after the msm was taking in on the chin for fake news and attacking children

Author — justin lowe


It is time to storm Mueller & the FBI. Anti-American trash.

Author — Hunter Bravo


All FBI had to do was ask him to come in and talk, but no... let's let CNN in on it and get him at gun point. it's sad but civil war is brewing. Only a matter of time. Scary.

Author — Kegel Destroyer


They shout him down like true fascists, your helping Stone with these tactics.

Author — j k17


I could almost hear Stone speak through the zombie chants.

Author — Robert Buchanan


Listen to the mob that is in outrage at a man that hasn't even been proved to be guilty yet. This is scary. They can do this to anyone, because people are to blinded by anger and media propaganda.

Author — TouXristou Ostratiotis


Innocent until proven guilty. Trump 2020

Author — Billy McD


The FBI has someone in authority who is politically motivated. CNN was notified before the arrest. hmmmm. I was a Democrat. Now Im voting for Trump and any Republican that runs for office. So is everyone I have talked too! The Left is desperate.

Author — Charles Charles


I am impressed with his demeanor while the left are showing that they are nothing than an embarrsement by their silly rants and behavior I expected from children who have been groomed for the nanny state. They had no issues with Hillary destroying phones, a server and leaving a trial of dead bodies and these same people protected her. Whether you agree with this guy or not, this should really disturbed you that the FBI went overboard on their attack on his home and how the prosecutors are trying to strong arm him in a confession. If a group of FBI agents can do this then it can happen to you.

Author — Freedom Campus


Look how scared they are!! Wow. I had no idea they were so terrified to even just let him talk!

Author — AbleDelta


GESTAPO is in the United States of America and is FULLY OPERATIONAL.

Author — alpha


Handled it like a boss. I think Mueller bit off more than he can chew.

Author — pir8prod


Whoever was involved in ordering these police state tactics should be ashamed of themselves and should be put in prison themselves. These police state tactics are disturbing and disgusting. 29 agents in tactical gear is ridiculous. This is not El Chapo they're going to pick up. This was a political stunt and used to intimidate. Disgusting.

Author — Trevon Delaney


The covington boys know exactly how he is feeling right now. Mob justice rules on the left.

Author — Andy Evans' Business & Life Coaching