'We Are Going To Crash Land!' | Flights From Hell | Channel 5

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On 21st September 2015, a JetBlue plane took off into the air and had issues with the landing gear. The front wheel was twisted and couldn't turn for the plane to land properly. Watch Flights From Hell to see what happens when the plane has to make an emergency crash landing!

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Who would be the last person you’d message if this happened to you?

Author — Channel 5


I feel like there was atleast one dude that slept through the whole thing

Author — Kaish Kaur


I hope I never have to hear the words "brace, brace, brace, brace."

Author — Justa Servant


"we were so lucky"
Pilot and copilot: "luck has nothing to do with it"

Author — NezuKamado


That pilot should receive an award...shouldn't he?
He deserves it!

Author — Khadija


*This is the only time clapping after landing is acceptable*

Author — Isabel Sutton


I love how the pilot didn’t care about being a hero but wanting to know that everyone was going to be olay

Author — Splatt


There was probably a Karen telling someone to fix the problem or she’ll talk to the Pilot

Author — rimy


This doesn’t help that I’m afraid of planes. Why am I here

Author — •starskies•


The most dreaded words ever to hear from a pilot - "We're experiencing technical difficulties"

Author — janelli Nell


"I'm sure you're going to be a hero today sir"
"That's not my concern. My concern is getting everyone of this aeroplane ok"

THAT is a pilot.

Author — sara etherington


"They had every military pilot giving their assessment of what our chances of surviving was."

This chills me.

Author — TM


The pilot did everything right in this situation. He flawlessly saved everyone here.

Apart from his insane flight skills, he kept calm and instantly went to work on crafting a rescue plan - even under media pressure... that's an incredible feat. He even knew when to compromise, shutting off the TV like that just to stop everyone from panicking too much really solidifies how strong willed this guy is. Absolutely outstanding work, the man is the pinnacle of a human being.

Author — General Maul


"We were so lucky"
Pilots:Am I a joke to you?

Author — SN


I hardly ever cry while watching movies, but I started sobbing after watching that guy with the video camera recording his potentially last message to his wife.

Author — EX0stasis


You really should’ve quoted the pilots name, people should be famous for these kinds of skill, not just singing high notes

Author — Rosie Selth


"Legends never die, and legends never let other people die"

Author — Jacob on something


I’d never wanna hear the words "brace, brace, brace."

Author — ᥊ ꧁פ Ꮪακυrα פ꧂ ᥊


Imagine surviving this and then falling down the stairs and dying lol jk

Author — Balraj Singh


Scott Burke was the captain. Remember his name.

Author — M_iche88