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Women are taking over the Fantasia, a male-dominated equestrian event in Morocco. Once a year, riders in Médiouna near Casablanca celebrate the ancient martial arts of their ancestors. Now, Moroccan women are changing the rules.

It’s like a dream from "A Thousand and One Nights." The Fantasia, also known as the "Game of Powder," is underway. More than 500 riders join in the traditional competition, which until now has been dominated by men. But Moroccan society is changing. Afrae Ben Bih is 25 years old. She lives near the Moroccan capital, Rabat. Her father taught her to ride when she was a child. It was back then she discovered her passion for the Fantasia. She set her ❤️ on it and after lots of hard work and support from her parents, Afrae at 18 founded the first female equestrian unit and faced her critics. Only a few of the original women remain, because many left the group when they wed. Afrae relied on social media to develop contacts and set up a new unit. Sanaa El Moustache is one of the few women on the team who doesn’t come from a family of riders continuing an equestrian tradition. For a long time, she even kept her passion secret from her parents. This documentary follows Afrae’s troupe as they prepare to take part in a Fantasia. Families, friends, team members, and men have a say, as the film takes viewers into a world of masculine ritual and carnival spirit.


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This video reminds me of why my house is filled with moroccan tables, lamps, pillows, rugs etc...Morrocan's have great craftsmanship

Author — Tim Penfield


Sisters, i am so proud of you!!! Love from Hungary

Author — kadarka01


I really like Moroccan society with respect. They treat both men and women equally and very open minded to accept the change today . I hope other Muslim countries should learn from Morocco as well.

Author — Paul Tai The Legend Nguyen


Those Moroccan women are so strong and beautiful I love them.

Author — Delight Loves Movies


as a moroccan woman this makes me really i wanna go back so bad

Author — soraya


I wanna visit Morocco so badly one day! The culture, landscape, people, food and weather is all amazing🤩 I really hope I get to visit some time! Much love from the Netherlands💜

Author — Lara


Moroccan women are so beautiful, Greetings from Morocco 😜

Author — With Ayoub


I love Morocco, I love their food and tradition.

Author — Catalina Necula


Greetings from the United States! I am so proud of the Moroccan Women's Team and proud of Morocco. Like others I got goosebumps when I saw them charging forward, raising their rifles to shoot in unison, wow!!

Author — Omega13


Beautiful and strong women!!
The Amazigh people(Berbers) are incredibles.

Author — Vitor José pereira


I m from india.. Living in saudia but i love maghrib people i heard good about them nd i also feel this.. They r polite they know how to talk politely to others nd good in deen... Love u lot "moroccans" ... From your muslim brother from hind.

Author — Ansari designer Huawei


I'm an American great-grandmother, and it's thrilling to see this.

Author — Angelyn Ray


Moroccan women they are warriors I'm senegal but I love Morocco

Author — Arona Dieng


My mom loves to travel and she said Morocco is beautiful. 🤩🌈

Author — Wicked_Deftlady


Moroccan culture is so sophisticated. Beautiful cuisine, fashion and style.

Author — SunsetNova


I grew up in the Netherlands and I can tell you that Moroccan women are force to be reckon with, they are basically the head of the household.

Author — Hazel Eyes


Hope we have more such Father's, Brother's n Husband to support n encourage Women👍🥰

Author — Priya


Greetings morrocan brothers from algeria 🇩🇿 🇲🇦

Author — Mohandro Xz


How beautiful are these women ! Beautiful faces and personalities Amazing

Author — Numero Uno


kingdom of Morocco is a old Monarchy with a old Culture.. Love From Belgium.

Author — محمد بن قاسم بن أحمد