The BEST OF Softpops 2015 for 2018! Dr Pimple Popper

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I have a TV SHOW NOW! Watch Dr Pimple Popper on TLC, Wednesdays at 10/9c in the USA but we are in many other countries that have TLC!!

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💬 Comments on the video

Some of these noses are more black head than nose.

Author — TenThumbs Productions


and this is why skincare isn't only for women.

Author — asha auro


Am I only only one who would rather watch one huge blackhead removal than 500 small removals? What’s wrong with me?

Author — Not Red Robyn


Dr: Do you miss being a fireman?
Old patient: No
Dr: No? That was quick. Why?
Old patient: It's heartbreaking.

Oh 🥺

Author — dried soil


I feel like she keeps a collection of the biggest ones...

Author — Hand Tool Rescue


I don’t understand why old people who have had these forever suddenly decide to spend money to remove something that they could’ve squeezed out themselves 20 years ago.

Author — Robin


Guys lets be honest, you searched for this 😂😂

Author — why do I have to enter a name


My parents entered my room and I instantly switched to porn because it’s easy to explain

Author — Hafsaoui Aymen


"Little bit of pressure but not too much right?" Starts digging her way to China😭😂

Author — Lucas Cohan


Me: having trypophobia
Also me: fascinating and gross... perfection

Author — Connor RK800


I know she's doing it the best way for skin but I'd just love her to chuck the tools in and go for a great big finger SQUEEZE on some of those badboys lol

Author — Maeve Finn


It’s like watching a train wreck. I can’t stop.

Author — Bryce Chadwick


she’s so sweet, if she asked me if she was hurting me i would say no, even if it was hurting A LOT, just so she wouldn’t be disappointed with me

Author — Maria Sales


Dr pimple popper: "just a little pressure here"
(Her hands shaking from the amount of force she is putting)

Author — gopherhockey1973


Me: ewww that’s so gross🤢
Also me:omg so satisfying 😆

Author — Casey Bell


“do you wanna see it?”
lady: *no*
me: *y e s*

Author — amyisaway


This woman's bedside manner as a Doctor makes her a class act, it truly does.

Author — Vince Veloce


For #2 (Pops)

Dr. Lee: “You look cute!”
Pops: “Thank you ☺️”
I would love to hug that man 😭❤️.

Melts my heart every time 🥰🥰🥰

Author — Emily Rivera


I apologize in advance to the FBI agent who watches my computer

Author — bean _


Where medicine and archeology intersect.

Author — Shane Pleasance