COAS praises Pak army’s befitting response to Indian violations along LoC

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Download — COAS praises Pak army’s befitting response to Indian violations along LoC

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i love you my Pakistan

i love you 🇵🇦🇰 Army

Author — ch junaid zahid hussain


General SAHAB.
Please Don't worry about anything.
You can always discuss every thoughts to Your Allah.
Believe me Allah will give you very creative ideas and help so you can do your job more perfectly.
You are doing your job very well keep it up more and more until we reach on the skies.
Let me just give you a little help that you can understand that your thoughts and plans are coming from Allah.
When you question to your Allah.
Allah can give you answer in your mind or in heart or maybe you can get Allah's answer from his world or from all over the universe.
Maybe you will get 2 answer at same time.
But how you can identify these answers that which one is coming from Allah and which one is coming from Evils.
First happy and heart touching answer will comes from Allah always.
And 2nd answer that will be opposite from first answer will be from evil.
First answer or plan or thoughts will be very relaxed and with happy feelings.
2nd answers will be little tensible and always ask you to don't listing first answer.
You can also ask experts of Islam to make my suggestion in more easy to explain.
they can also let you know Ahadees about this topics and on any other topics you wish.
We know you have a very much burden.
You have to relax and cool minded.
You should also do an exercise physical.(it is very important please)
And you should need a good and healthy food.
And your all core commanders must need to do it.
It very very important what I am saying!!!
let me tell you again a physical exercise and good and healthy food must be used to you and to your all team.
You all peoples are using your mind very much.
I know victory is very close to us.
always pry to your Allah at every time in days and nights.
He will help you out.
also when you come to your bed at night for sleep.
you can also discuss every thing to your Allah and you can sleep while talking to your own Allah.
you can talk to him very friendly.
he is your friend and he will never mind your any talking I am sure on it.
He will love that friendly talking.
Feel free to share your thoughts to Allah.
Also Ap apny Allah sy dua kerny or baten kerny k tareeky be puch sakty hen.
He will also tell you at any time.
General Sab buss dill chota ni kerna Always believe on your Allah.
He is your Allah.
Sir please also pry for me as well.
it is my dream to do my best for Pakistan.
And I am sure I will do more best work for my Pakistan.
Allah and HAZRAT Muhammad S.A.W helping me.
And I am proud of it.
I always believe ony Allah and HAZRAT Muhammad S.A.W and i am sure you also have seen the results.
Pakistan always Zindabad Ameen.
Always be happy 😊.
And smile too 😊😊😊😊😊😊.
Live like a Pakistani because we made to live with full honour and full proud like a Pakistani.
Happy Happy Happy and do your Happy duty.
AllahhoAkber Pakistan Zindabad Ameen.

Author — Sajid Rahim