NFL 'THE PLAY IS STILL LIVE!' Moments || HD Part 2

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Thank you for watching, for this video I searched through many NFL games. I recorded the clips with OBS, then Edited this video with Final cut pro. In order to get this thumbnail, I used google to find the original photo but edited it with phonto and picmonkey to make it look better.

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All Content is owned by the #NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.

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Respect to telling us to skip 30 seconds

Author — Deezy


"Don't stop until you hear a whistle." First thing I was told at the first practise every year for football and rugby.

Author — Gary Sanford


I have a different kind on respect for this channel, like who else tells you to skip to the video so you don’t have to watch the sponsor of the video??? 🤙🏽

Author — Drake McAlister


Do longest quarterback runs from every NFL team

Author — Sam Allen


Earl Thomas saying “his hand was going forward” 😂😂

Author — Elena Singer


Last play was hilarious 28 just got rocked and had no idea what was going on😂

Author — Sabian


Do announcers saying “are you kidding me?”

Author — Ethanmat01


You should do " NFL - Funniest Mistakes" or "Accidental wins"

Author — Brsqt -R6


His hand was going forward love earl thomas

Author — chaos emerald


3:07 when your talking to your friends and the bell rings

Author — Baller Kei


Clay Mathews with a sack 2 force fumbles and a fumble recovery all in one play AMAZING 😂😂😂😂

Author — George Murillo


4:03 when that linebacker hit him lmao

Author — Simmy24 Sage


2:24 can’t wait to go the the denver and indianapolis game and wear my arizona sweatshirt!

Author — era


Longest time it took for a fumbled ball to be picked up.

Author — Eric Walker


4:03 when the guy gets dropped he’s like “wtf man” but then he notices 😂

Author — ImNeelram


“His hand was going forward!” - Earl Thomas

Author — Sir Spookii


I think the first one was iconic. We've all seen at some point, and when we remember this genre of plays, this is the one that immediately comes to mind

Author — Rohith Ramesh


The Chiefs-Lions one this year, fumble returned for a touchdown.

Author — Ryan Barrett


"His and was going forward" reminds me when another Seahawk said
“we want the ball we're going to score"

Author — Andrew Gehl


Damn packers hold two spots on here. Let’s go Wisconsin🧀

Author — Tiddlez