The Daily Show's The Yearly Show 2018: Weird Trump, Things You Forgot Happened & 911 Calls

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In The Daily Show’s final show of the year, the team looks back on how weird Donald Trump was in 2018, the stories that everyone has forgotten about and all the white people who couldn’t call 911 enough.

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💬 Comments on the video

I’m like a year late but damn americans, i can’t stop laughing at your president 😂

Author — lunarsvrant


Hopefully 20, 019 will be a better year for all of us 😆

Author — Veronica Crespo


Babies drop things on the ground and expect others to pick them up...

Author — Felicitous Feline


2:17 As a Venezuelan, one of the things that hurt me the most is that we have been reduced to a spooky story.
We had a neoliberal economic system and a political system identical to that of America (we even had 2 parties taking turns in power), in which half of Venezuela lived as good as Americans while the other half lived in poverty. The poor got pissed of being oppressed, as they were becoming very poor while the country was becoming extremely rich.
What happens? They choose a corrupt authoritarian populist that promises to make Venezuela great again and fucks it up worse than it ever could. And now the corrupt authoritarian nationalist in America is using our situation to make social liberal democratic ideas look bad ( We need liberalism and democracy desperately in Venezuela) while promoting neo-liberalism (conservative Reaganomics).
This isn't just sad and ironic, it's like Shakespearian tragedy

Author — E S


I lost it at 20.014.

I think Trump might be dyslexic.

Author — Rocco Anders


Notice how Trump never goes back on a mispoken word. He just rolls with it. "Chris response AND crisis response", "Mishz AND missiles", "Midtown AND midturn". This oversize baby is the President. God are we living in a weird timeline !!

Author — Ser Davos Seaworth


This fully explains how his father gave him $413 million yet he has gone bankrupt 6 times.

Author — msalanie


This entire video is just proof that he is a toddler: can't pronounce words correctly consistently, leaves his toys lying around when he's done with them, can't read very well #trumpcantread

Author — TheCstar07


Me: Laughs while killing a zombie in December 2020.

Author — Thatonepotato


The most disturbing? 3:06 when Pence copies Trump's water bottle moving. 😮

Author — So Ni


"Let's look back at what made 2018 the year we all want to forget."
*2020* = hi, let me introduce myself.

Author — Neha Pillai


5:50, the lady to the right of him facial expression says it all 😂

Author — ßoogy


Y'know, if he wasn't president and could actually take a joke, I would swear that Trump is one of the most brilliant satirists that ever lived. Sadly it turns out he's not good at jokes, he just is one.

Author — Hfar


I still, after 2 years of Trump being President can't wrap my head around the fact that TRUMP IS PRESIDENT!
Everyone was like "Haha, how ridiculous is this? Trump running for President? That's hilarious!" and then all of a sudden he and Hillary were the two in the running and we were like "He's not actually going to win.... right...?" Now here we are. He did in fact win, and he is in fact still as weird and stupid as ever.

Author — Spitfyre


When Pence put the water bottle on the floor it reminded me of the times when a king would do something and all of his followers would do the same. Maybe that's how Pence got to be Vice President! Gain the trust of someone by copying their behavior.

Author — ssdskully


Did you notice that when Trump put the water bottle on the floor that Mike Pence did the same? He is a puppet to the puppet of the Russians. SO SO SO SAD. I feel like I'm living in a country that's on a downward slide.

Author — Whiteowl


No wonder a lot of Americans are scared of clowns, they have one for president.

Author — 1969Kismet


"Every day went 10 years long"

Yep that was before quarantine

Author — Ralphie Esquivel


Lady at 5:51 is me listening to Trump, everytime

Author — Brother Indy


Lol racist sun glasses. This is a new one 😂😂😂

Author — Mr. Smith