Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

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Indian authorities say life is returning to normal in Kashmir. But thousands of people have been detained, and the military still patrols the streets, firing pellet guns and tear gas to quell protests.

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Lol number of attacks in Muslim countries by america is uncountable .Yeah that is the other side USA doesn't want world to see talk about that

Author — 100 subscribers with 1 video challenge


They deserve Annihation.complete annihation of this anti- Indians ralleys

Author — shubham tripathi


Americans wants to create insurgents in Kashmir as well like Iraq and Syria so then they can use their military on them as well

Author — S C


Where are the original Hindus of Kashmir?? Has anyone bothered to ask?

Author — Variant Ways


Texas Shooting: 5 Dead, 21 Injured in Odessa and Midland Mass Shootings. USA is nourishing Terrorists that USA doesn't want to show the World !

Author — Rafat


Given that bagdhadi is a religious scholar we know where American media stands ...

Author — Naturally weird


so protests in pakistan by islamists are also part of India.
America loves to make every Nation Hate them.

Author — Gardenflower


Kashmiri Pandit had been to the worst possible turmoil....
Where were you goons then!!

Author — Sreajan Agrawal


These people are paid by foreign media to tell lies....
Foreign media thrives on stories like these.

Author — Darshit Thakar


Prayers days are the only days when these protests happens. This is happening since last 20 years. Mobs are incited by religious leaders for establishing ISIS style caliphate.

Author — aakash0109


Hum sb Pakistani ap k sth h ar hamesha rehe ge Allah pk apko azadi de in gandy logo sy

Author — Salman Riaz


For 3000 in 9/11 you sniffed out lives in lakhs, you know where. WHY????

Author — Pushpinder Chauhan


This video is resemblance to what USA do to middle eastern countries to keep peace.
But in India there is no bombing, mass killing as done by USA in afghanistan, syria etc

Author — Anujeet Swain


It’s an old footage!
Violence is pretty normal in that part of India, provoked by Pakistani terror factories!

Author — ARGP LLC


When these guys will throw stone on armed forces and will try to create a escape path for mililtants then for sure they gonna face pellet gun and some injustice

Author — mohd saif


Yes, exactly I agree with this idea of gun solution but I don't know why indian government opted for democratic

Author — Tushar Singh


May Allah SWT help our Kashmiri's. And Insha Allah one fime day peace will come to Kashmir

Author — Nilfa Choudhury


U r anti india tell the truth about the massacre in afganistan and iraq

Author — Abhimanu Singh


As a Indian I feel sorry for the life of Kashmiri's.. hope they find peace

Author — Vamsi Sattaru


Common new York show the day to day dark side that prevails in your downtown also .

Author — Lafa Champion