Kia Sorento 2021 review

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00:00 - Intro
01:20 - Design
03:50 - Price and Features
07:12 - Practicality
08:49 - Safety
09:56 - Engine specs
10:22 - Fuel use
11:12 - Warranty
11:34 - Driving
15:41 - Verdict

The Sorento is the mothership of Kia’s line-up. A big, seven-seater SUV which during the past decade has won over Aussie families for its spaciousness and practicality, its safety tech and the way it drives, while being great value for money.

Now the new-generation model has arrived looking leaner and meaner than the old Sorento. So, has it lost any of the charms which made it a winner, or has it only got better?

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Tell you what, Kia is becoming impossible to ignore.

Author — Robert Ng'ang'a


Kia is putting S Class technology in ordinary cars and it's incredible

Author — Nkanyiso Mlobane


Who would’ve thought my dream vehicle would be a Kia!

Author — aerienix


You Mr Berry would have to have one of the best personalities to review cars

Author — Lukus Cannon


Just ordered one! Should arrive by December 😁 can't wait. In Europe we get this diesel and a 1.6 230bhp mild hybrid which is the one I'm getting! Greetings from Gibraltar, uk 🇬🇮

Author — Nick-G 85


Korean companies are doing great these days. Japanese were great in the 80s 90s and 2000s but not anymore. The Korean manufacturers are absolutely outperforming the old Japanese in many ways. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Korean products before but seriously who is still going for Sony these days when Samsung and LG does so much better in every aspects. Talking about the cars.. Kia, Hyundai and Genesis is far more innovative than Toyata, Mazda, Nissan, and Lexus these days.

Author — Ethan K


Ahaha, really like the way you present the whole story😍, the humour 😂✔️

Author — Nadir Khan


This guy is my new favourite for reviews. Really love his style and keeps me engaged at all times, especially the light humour.

Author — YTSDebunker


I own a GT line Sportage and now a picanto gt line s .Kia really are making some fantastic cars.



Can you imagine the cost to replace that self moving feature when it breaks? Great idea but omg Kia repairs are so expensive already. Pretty car

Author — Jordan Seaburn


probably one of the most entertaining car reviews I’ve seen !

Author — Steven Shaw


Hats off to Kia. They have come such an incredibly long way in quality in the last decade, it’s just amazing.

Author — Aaron La Rue


great review Barry..made me giggle a few times there mate..Kia has definitely come a long way

Author — Ghadir Omran


I’m obsessed with this car, and I love the walk and talk at the end 😂

Author — Talia Hunt


Absolutely brilliant video! Loving the new Sorento but love the direct, informative but funny delivery too 😂 Keep it up 😎



18 years ago I used to laught at people driving kia cars. Last week I bought mine. Lol

Author — LegoBeast


Amazing how you get more when this electric cars came along

Author — Phantom


Honestly one of the best car reviews out there- guy so entertaining and so underated

Author — George Downs


"Come here come here" bahahaha

Author — Ben Lee


Great review, you make me wanna buy this car

Author — Sam